‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are Any Dutton Family Member Fates Revealed in Season 4 Trailer?

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” is showing us a lot in its latest trailer for season four.

However, everything the show is revealing to us via the trailer is leaving us with even more questions than we had before. But before we get to those, let’s break down the trailer.

The new trailer begins by recapping the season three finale attacks on the Duttons. We see the bomb explode in Beth Dutton‘s office. We see the gunmen jump out of the van and shoot John Dutton. And we see Kayce flip over his desk as an attempt to protect himself from gunmen invading his office. After all of that, we see Jamie stoically sitting at his desk in his office. The expression on his face could either be that of shock or apathy.

“Oh my God,” says Jamie before the trailer cuts to a series of action-packed drama and violence. We see Rip, people getting stabbed, characters crying, and clips of all the major characters giving each other side-eye. All the while we hear Jamie having a conversation with his biological father, Garrett Randall.

“Fair. Moral. Those are words men invented to scare and shame other men from taking back what they’ve stolen,” says Randall.

We then see Jamie holding a gun. It’s clear that he’s pointing the gun at someone. But we don’t know who. It also looks like Jamie is shaking as he holds the gun. This could wither mean, he’s attempting to suppress the rage that’s threatening to boil out from inside him. Or, he could be afraid.

“What about right or wrong?” asks Jamie.

“There’s no such thing,” replies Randall.

Who Survives During Season Four Of ‘Yellowstone’?

So, how does everything pan out for the Duttons in season four? Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t tell us anything about that. (See note above about being left with even more questions than before). However, there is one interesting detail that is revealed in the trailer that may answer one big fan question,

For months, fans have wondered if they heard another bomb go off behind Monica at the Dutton ranch while she was on the phone with Kayce during his attack. Fans have endlessly debated the topic. Well, it definitely looks like there may have been a bomb at the ranch. The trailer shows Monica running from the ranch with Tate while holding a gun. As she runs, she passes Lloyd. Monica asks, “What’s going on.” Lloyd responds. “I don’t know but you better get to the bunkhouse.” Monica then continues to run towards the bunkhouse as Lloyd runs toward the house Monica just ran from.

If the ranch wasn’t in danger why would Monica and Tate have to hide in the bunkhouse? And if nothing was wrong, why would Lloyd be running towards what looks like danger while he instructs Monica to run in the opposite direction?

Again, the trailer leaves us with even more questions than we had before. Now, we cannot wait until the “Yellowstone” season four premiere this fall.