‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are Beth & Rip Going to Become Adoptive Parents?

by Kayla Zadel

A biological child is not in the cards for Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton. Fans of “Yellowstone” found out why in season three, when not one, but two sides of the coin were revealed in regards to Beth (Kelly Reilly).

Viewers not only found out why Beth vehemently hates her brother, Jamie (Wes Bentley), but it also results in the only Dutton daughter not being able to carry a child.

Beth and Rip’s (Cole Hauser) romance starts when they’re just teenagers. Beth had just lost her mom and was left mourning her loss. What’s more, she was a teen girl raging with hormones, looking for direction.

In walks a young Rip. Their young love resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Beth was scared and wasn’t sure what to do. So she consulted her brother, Jamie, and asked him to drive her to an abortion clinic.

Beth told her brother that she wanted to go to the establishment on the Broken Rock Reservation, because she believed that no one would recognize her there. The only Dutton daughter, once again, asked her brother for help. But this time it was to check her in at the clinic.

Jamie received some life-changing news that he withheld from his sister. It wasn’t until after the clinic performed the abortion, that she was sterilized and unable to ever have a child.

This sparks Beth’s rage against her brother. It leaves fans wondering why she hates him so much right from the start of season 1.

Furthermore, Rip doesn’t find out about Beth’s abortion until much later on in life. The two rekindle their romance. It’s touch-and-go for a bit, but Beth starts to soften towards Rip. The two become engaged, but before that happens, Beth explains what happened all those years ago.

Yellowstone: The Possibility of Rip and Beth Adopting

Rip is supportive and seems to be unfazed that he and Beth could never have children of their own. Only time will tell if Rip is truly affected by the news. However, this doesn’t completely rule out the option of the two having children.

There’s always the adoption route. As a matter of fact, the Dutton family is very familiar with adoption. The patriarch of the family, John (Kevin Costner) adopted a child he calls his own. And in a way, the Yellowstone ranch adopts the misfits and makes them wranglers. Take Rip for example. He was orphaned as a teen, but it was John and the ranch that took him in.

Some fans even entertain the theory that adoption could be in the cards for Beth and Rip. We’ll soon find out all that and more when the fourth season of “Yellowstone” premieres this summer.