‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are Fans Overlooking One Potential Death From Season 3 Finale Attacks?

by Thad Mitchell

With a brand new season on the horizon, “Yellowstone” fans hope all of their burning questions will finally have some answers.

The biggest question on the minds of “Yellowstone” fans is the status of their favorite character. The third season ended with a bang, literally and figuratively, with the fates of four characters up in the air. Some fans are now speculating that there could be a fifth character to add to that mix. We believe Monica Dutton to be alive as she was not part of the season three attacks.

She is, however, on the phone with her husband, Kayce Dutton, as shooters advance on him. Some “Yellowstone” watchers believe there was another attack on the Dutton Ranch that viewers didn’t see. We have all heard the Monica Dutton-explosion theory and it was the subject of a spirited discussion on Reddit.

“There has been much debate whether Monica, on the phone with Kayce when Kayce’s office is attacked, hears or doesn’t hear an explosion behind her there at the ranch,” the Reddit user says. “I’ve rewatched that scene many many times and I think there was indeed an explosion there at the ranch. Obviously, the filmmakers deliberately left this ambiguous in order to foster just these discussions. It also makes sense to me that the guys in the white van who came upon John at the side of the road were, in fact, headed for the ranch itself to wreak havoc there. There’s no way anyone could have known in advance that John would stop on the way home to help someone fix a flat tire. They were heading for the ranch itself and just ‘got lucky’ coming across John on the road there.”

This is a theory held by several “Yellowstone” fans and could prove to be true in the upcoming new season. An attack at the ranch, if indeed there was one, changes the complexity of the entire show. There could be characters at the ranch who are either dead or hurt. These characters could include Monica Dutton, Tate Dutton and family cook, Gator. The bunkhouse could have also been a target of an attack with the ranch hands are enjoying their free time. There could be much more destruction than we are led to believe as season three ends.

Other “Yellowstone” Redditors shared their season four theories in the thread as well.

“I think Kayce goes scorched earth on whoever did it and dives deeper in with the family,” another fan says.

“I kind of want Teeter or one of the boys to save Tate because I like the idea of Kayce feeling more ‘bound’ to the ranch hands,” another Redditor notes.

With a new season of “Yellowstone” set to arrive in November, our wait for answers is shrinking by the day.