‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are There More Secrets Behind Why John Dutton ‘Hates’ Jamie?

by Halle Ames

Are there more reasons behind John Dutton’s supposed hatred for his son Jamie on Yellowstone? We’ll debate the idea.

Jamie Dutton has had several toxic relationships form with virtually every character he comes into contact with. His campaign manager and girlfriend, Christiana, Beth, and John Dutton, however, bring out the worst in each other.

Fan questions John Dutton’s tough love demeanor to his obedient son and why he was so harsh on Jamie, but not to Beth, Lee, or Kayce. Jamie would do anything for his father, even go to law school, just to be able to protect the ranch one day. Although Jamie is obedient, we cannot help to hate him for being so spineless. At the same time, we resent him for turning his back to the Dutton family and giving the interview that almost destroyed the Yellowstone ranch for good.

Really, there is no winning for Jamie.

John Dutton’s Issues With Jamie

Furthermore, viewers learned why John Dutton was never as forgiving or loving to his middle son as he was to the others. In season three, the bomb got dropped on Jamie that he was never biologically a Dutton at all, but a Randall.

Upon questioning John about the massive secret, the family patriarch shares how Jamie became a part of their family.

When Jamie was just three years old, his mother and father were both drug addicts. His mother eventually sold her body to buy more drugs, and his father, Garrett, beat her to death for it. Garrett was quickly arrested, and poor little Jamie was taken in by a friend of his mother, the Dutton. However, in John’s book, Jamie will never fully be a Dutton because he is not blood.

John Dutton says he has earned the right to be called father after all these years raising the boy. Garrett was just like a stud bull. He did nothing but give life to the child, therefore, he did not deserve to be called Jamie’s father.

In addition, John learned that Jamie is the reason that his only daughter, Beth, cannot have kids. When she was just a teenager, she sought out help from her older brother with an unplanned pregnancy. Instead of taking her to a proper abortion clinic, he brought her to a more discrete clinic that also required the girl to go through a hysterectomy with the abortion.

Is There More to the Story?

Yellowstone fans took to Reddit to debate if more has gone down between Jamie and John Dutton to make the father hate his adopted son?

“Did I Miss Something About Jaime? He is super protective of the family and one his dad could always count on. He is running a successful campaign for AG, and because he was out on the campaign trail and did not return a couple of phone calls, all of the sudden, John Dutton goes ‘f**k him’ and tries to delete Jamie from the family completely? I am still in season 2, so maybe things will change. But that story breakup at the end of season 1 was either really rushed or I missed something glaring.”

Just you wait, young Grasshopper. You will get to see Jamie’s true colors soon enough.