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‘Yellowstone’ TV Asks Fans to Caption Cowboy Jake’s Wild Ride and the Responses are Hilarious

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network Press via Yellowstone Twitter Account, Viacom

“I hate Mondays…” “Yellowstone” has another caption contest running, and the responses, as always, are priceless. Up this time? A photo of horsemaster Jake taking his bucking bronco to town.

“Yellowstone” fans know how to caption a photo. Posting to their Instagram stories Wednesday, the Western is asking their followers once again to “caption this,” and their replies don’t disappoint. While we can’t embed fluid Insta stories, we can showcase this similar shot of Jimmy Hurdstrom getting his ass kicked by a bucker of his own. Rest assured, however, that “Yellowstone”s legendary horse trainer, Jake Ream, looks a bit more in control of his situation.

As for those captions, well, they’re all doozies. Here are Outsider’s Top 10 picks as captions for this photo, seen below:

Photo: “Yellowstone” via Paramount Network, ViacomCBS

10. “Hurry up and take the picture…”

9. “Actually, I’m totally in control.”

8. “This is not a stick shift…”

7. “Instant regret.”

6. “Monsters and freight trains…” – a reference to the episode in which Jake has to give his horse to Monica to ride, at Rip’s orders. All he’s left with are “monsters and freight trains” for horses.

5. “I just want MY horse back!” – another reference to this fantastic “Yellowstone” sequence.

4. “I’m going to need a beer after this…”

3. “Me while watching the last ten minutes of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3…” – Isn’t this the damn truth…

2. “I came in like a Wrecking Ball!!!!” – Perfect. Miley Cyrus would be proud.

And Outsider’s #1 pick for this fan caption is:

1. “When you lie and put ‘horse experience’ on your resume and they actually call you back…”

Brilliant. A+ on this one, “Yellowstone” fan – whoever you are!

‘Yellowstone’s Jake Ream: The Horsemaster

In a video segment the show calls “Taking the Reins”, “Yellowstone”s official Twitter celebrates one of their real-life cowboys: Jake Ream. Within, fans can watch the sequence that inspired Wednesday’s brilliant caption contest.

Indeed, “Yellowstone” lauds the horseman-turned-actor as “The man, the myth, the legend: Jake Ream”. He’s earned it, too, as the footage clearly shows. In addition to his acting, Ream is one of Paramount production’s top horsemen. Moreover, he is responsible for some of the most dangerous stunts – and outright work – on the show to date.

Speaking to this himself, Ream gives the lowdown on just what took him from behind-the-scenes horseman, to recurring cowboy on television’s top drama.

“It kinda started out – in all of Season 1, I was helping with saddling and wrangling, and just making sure everyone was safe,” Jake Ream starts off for Paramount. His work on the hit show was fully behind-the-scenes at first, he adds, as his main concerns were that “saddles were correct, and the tack was properly done, and all that stuff.”

For plenty more from Jake Ream himself, check out the full reel above.