‘Yellowstone’ TV Asks Fans to Caption Lloyd and Ryan Snapshot and the Responses are Hilarious

by Jon D. B.

Soak in some good ol’ Yellowstone vibes with Lloyd and Ryan as fans caption this classic shot of the two “hard at work.”

Or should we say “hardly workin?” Taking to their official Instagram stories Friday, our favorite show is asking Yellowstone fans to caption this classic photo of ranch hands Lloyd and Ryan. Within, the two fan-favorite cowboys are all smiles, and who can blame them?

While we can’t embed the show’s temporary stories here, we can share the best fan answers with you. Some of these are priceless, too, so Outsider is more than happy to preserve them for all time. You’re welcome, Yellowstone.

Check out each caption beneath this handsome photo, and get ready to “hurry up and wait” for Season 4!

‘Yellowstone’ Fans: Caption This Photo

Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom

To our prying eyes, these were the best of the best that ‘Yellowstone’ chose to share from followers:

“And then he said, ‘This ain’t no train station!” – Classic. Harkens back to Lloyd’s time dropping that a**hat Fred off after his “Long Black Train” ride.

“When Jimmy says he has a girlfriend” – Ooh, Ouch! While it is still shocking to some that Mia “chose” Jimmy, isn’t Ryan the one that is still without a major love interest? What gives, Yellowstone??

“What did Teeter say?!?!” – Now this could come as both a reaction, and a genuine question. Teeter is, after all, both hysterical (bless you Jen Landon) and very hard to understand (again, bless you Jen Landon).

“I told Colby it was gonna happen!” – Once again, bless you Jen Landon – er, Teeter! Seeing these two finally hook up after all of Season 3 was quite the payoff for fans. And Colby. And Teeter.

“He says he’s not afraid of Beth” – Golden. Whoever “said this” is lying. Right? Because we would be.

“Remember when we let that bull loose in the bar???” – Again, classic. And last but not least:

“Tate’s learning some colorful language from us!” – Hey now, you leave Tate out of this! That child is the last hope of the Yellowstone Dutton Empire. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen, but we love Tate! And he knows enough curse words already. Let the boy live his childhood without anymore kidnappings or expletives, please. That’s all we ask.

Yellowstone Season 4 should be right around the corner. We expect it to hit Paramount+ soon in 2021, perhaps just in time for summer. So saddle up, buckle-bunnies!