‘Yellowstone’ TV Asks Fans For the ‘Lloyd’ in Their Life with Epic Forrie J. Smith Photo

by Jon D. B.

“Tag the Lloyd in your life,” asks Yellowstone‘s official Twitter Wednesday, with some pretty fantastic responses coming in from die-hard fans.

The tweet comes with a new-to-our-eyes shot of actor Forrie J. Smith in character as the one and only Lloyd Pierce. Lloyd has become one of the most popular characters on Yellowstone, and it’s all due to said actor’s unassuming, laid-back expertise.

The old-timer, played to perfection through Smith’s life experiences, is one of the show’s best personalities – secondary or not. This is good for both fans and Lloyd as he’s in it for life as one of Yellowstone‘s branded ranchers.

All considered, who in your own life reminds you of Lloyd? If anyone knows Sam Elliott personally, then please tag him in this post. For now, we’ll settle for some of the best replies below, including one must-see visual.

Fans know this, but Smith has been around Yellowstone since the very beginning. He’s come all the way from a guest-speaking role and horse-wrangling behind the scenes – to one of America’s favorite Hollywood cowboys.

And twitter user Bandwagon Hawks Fan happens to have himself a real-life-Lloyd in mind.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan’s Response to Prompt is Picture Perfect

“Definitely @sugurray4UGA if we talking Twitter,” he responds. The goods come, however, when Mr. Sugurray from UGA himself replies with the most glorious edit you’ll see today. Within, Sugurray has photoshopped his own face onto the very shot Yellowstone provides – and it’s a doozy:

Other fans are having a harder time with the challenge, however. For many the Lloyd of their life has “passed on” or is “no longer with us.”

We can’t even think about Forrie J. Smith or Lloyd leaving us! Our hats off in respect to these fallen role models, fellow Outsiders.

One Yellowstone fan, Ted Walker, replies in kind that his “Grandfather and Lloyd were almost identical. He was a rancher all his life.”

Sounds like someone knows Forrie J. Smith is a real-life cowboy!

Another follower is using the opportunity to call out the “Jimmy” in their life instead. Is it harsh of us to take this as an insult? We love Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom… But if you’re going to be a Yellowstone cowboy… Who’d ever pick Jimmy over Lloyd?

“I don’t know a Lloyd … but I know a Jimmy @twtcbard,” Walker slams with a tag. No response has come from twtcbard, either. Shocking!

Regardless, we can’t wait to see where these two characters head in Yellowstone Season 4. Especially with Jefferson White’s Jimmy confirmed for a starring role in Texas-based spinoff, 6666!