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‘Yellowstone’ TV Asks If Garrett Randall Can ‘Be Trusted’ in New Post, Fans Go Off

by Evan Reier
(Paramount Press Site)

If the folks behind Yellowstone were wondering how fans feel about Garrett Randall, they now have their answer.

A recent post from the show highlighted Randall, with a simple caption: “Can Garrett Randall be trusted?”

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, Randall is Jamie Dutton’s birth father. Yellowstone fans finally received the teased and hinted truth in Season 3 that Jamie wasn’t actually the biological son of John Dutton. However, they also got to learn more and more about Randall, who is portrayed by Will Patton.

Jamie initially hates his father for being the murderer of his birth mother. After spending 30 years in jail for killing her, the two finally get to talk as adults in Season 3. While it is certainly not a confirmed motive or narrative, Randall claims he killed Jamie’s mom for nearly leading him down a life of poverty and crime.

Instead, Jamie was raised by the Duttons. But as Yellowstone fans will be happy to point out, that period of Jamie’s life seems very much behind him now. Season 3 seemingly details a collaboration between the father and son. Now, Yellowstone fans are on the edge of their seat as they wait for the fate of the Duttons post-attack as well as what Jamie and Randall might get up to.

Yellowstone Fans Sound Off

In the meantime though, fans of the hit Paramount Network program will have to settle for discussion. The show’s post of Randall prompted a ton of response, with many fans saying that Randall isn’t to be trusted.

One user, @emmettsmommy86, comments: “Big nope. I’m thinking a lot of what he told Jamie wasn’t true.”

A big part of Randall’s explanation for killing his wife and Jamie’s mother was her path in life. According to Randall, he walked in on her in bed with a stranger and leaving a baby Jamie to suck on a crack pipe. Not exactly a great look, but again, Randall’s pespective.

“No – very disappointed in Jamie – but Will Patton was very good!” said @nvfralick.

“Is this a trick question? Trust? Really?” questions @jefsantamonica.

If that wasn’t enough, @garbymom23 sounds off with her theory.

“Heck to the no he is behind all that happened on finale.”

It’s certainly a popular theory. Jamie’s split from the Dutton family coincides with John and Beth getting attacked. However, there is no clear connection, yet, so we’ll sadly have to keep waiting for the show’s return. Season 4 can’t come soon enough, Yellowstone.