‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Avery Ever Going to Resurface on the Show?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images,)

Through its first three seasons on television, hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone has had its fair share of mysteries.

Yellowstone will return for its fourth season this summer with a premiere date likely in June. The show has built an enormous fan base with more joining in by the day seemingly. A big reason for the show’s success is the terrific Yellowstone cast. The show is full of complex characters that experience the hardships of Montana’s ranching life. Whether it be a wayward calf wandering off or a large corporation trying to nudge their way in, there is always plenty of drama at the Yellowstone ranch.

With the show currently on hiatus, Yellowstone fans are flocking to online message boards to discuss their favorite show. Forums dedicated to Yellowstone discussions are full of fans discussing theories and speculating on what will happen to their favorite characters. Some fans are retracing previous seasons in an attempt to solve the numerous Yellowstone mysteries.

One such mystery that seems to have fans stumped is that of former ranch hand Avery. No one is exactly sure what happened to the Yellowstone Ranch beauty but fans have theories on what her disappearance could mean.

Yellowstone Ranch Hand Avery is M.I.A.

Played by Tanaya Beatty, Avery made her Yellowstone appearance in the first season. During the show, Avery leaves her job at a bar and heads to Yellowstone Ranch to work for the Dutton family. Though only a secondary character, fans took a liking to Avery as she fit into the bunkhouse perfectly despite being the only female ranch hand. She was also beginning to take a liking to fellow ranch hand, Jimmy, before departing.

Avery up and vanished from Yellowstone Ranch midway through the second season and hasn’t been heard from since. Fans of the show are speculating on what led to the character’s disappearance and have some fascinating theories. While many believe Beatty simply wanted to move on from the show, some believe there are other reasons.

A Reddit user recently suggests that Yellowstone writers could have used Avery’s disappearance as symbolism. The theory suggests that writers intentionally had the character vanish to represent crimes against Native American women. Another Reddit theory suggests Avery left the ranch to spare Jimmy the troubles of a ranch relationship. Others think she left to tend to a sick family member.

While the real reason Avery left Yellowstone ranch may or may not ever come to light, it is unlikely she will return. Some believe Beatty could be entering production on another show in the near future.

As much as we would all like to see Avery return, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. However, with Yellowstone, you can never say never.