‘Yellowstone’ TV: This Behind-the-Scenes Pic of Kayce and Tate Dutton Is Hilariously Wholesome

by Jennifer Shea

Reddit commenters were cooing over an adorable behind-the-scenes picture of “Yellowstone” stars Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill) posted last year.

In the photo, a grinning Grimes holds a smiling Merrill, both of them casually dressed and Merrill sporting his glasses. They appear to be somewhere related to the set of “Yellowstone,” judging by all the pictures tacked to the wall behind them.

One poster shared that Grimes is “notoriously camera shy.” The photo is reportedly from the end of Season 3.

“Camera shy??” another poster asked incredulously. “Does he not realize he’s on a TV show for a living?”

Does Kayce Dutton Survive to Reappear Next Season?

The Season 3 cliffhanger left off with Kayce hiding behind a table as a pack of violent intruders busted into his office.

But Parade reports that fans can expect to see Grimes back for Season 4. So Kayce must survive to see another day somehow.

Grimes told Cinema Blend in 2019 that he’s living the dream. He’s working with colleagues he likes on a show he believes in. And he hopes Kayce survives as much as the fans do, so he can keep working on the show for the foreseeable future.

“This is my favorite character I’ve ever played, and my favorite world as far as a story I’ve ever been a part of,” he said. “And just starting there, it’s an incredible experience. And then add on top of that, is that all these other really dedicated actors… no one’s phoning it in, no one’s showing up to get paid. Everybody really cares about what they’re doing, and it’s just really nice.”

“It’s an inspiring environment, and hopefully I can continue to work with people like this,” Grimes added.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Take to Reddit

It’s been a long time between seasons of “Yellowstone” for the show’s devoted fans, and the wait is not over yet. Season 4 is likely to premiere sometime this summer, possibly in June. But in the meantime, fans have been congregating on Reddit’s online message boards to discuss the show.

Some of their recent debates include: Which Dutton family member makes the worst decisions? Is it possible Beth planted a bomb at her own office? How did Dan Jenkins survive? Did the show’s creators make a casting mistake? And how does “Yellowstone” compare to “Sons of Anarchy” on FX?

“Yellowstone” even has its own Reddit community online. And if you think the comments are flying fast and furious now, just wait until Season 4 gets underway.