‘Yellowstone’ TV: Best Kayce Dutton and Monica Long Season 1 Moments

by Kayla Zadel

Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Monica Long (Kelsey Asbille) show fans their deep connection for one another right out of the gate on the hit series “Yellowstone.” We can feel the on-screen chemistry between the two as we watch their scenes play out.

What’s more, is that we’re often left wanting a relationship like Kayce and Monica’s. They might not get along all of the time, but we do see Kayce fight for his relationship with his wife time and time again. Monica even says in season one that they tell each other everything. Well, they used to tell each other everything until the influence of the Dutton family took hold of Kayce, again.

Let’s face it. Kayce and Monica are toxic together and apart. But check out some of the best moments this couple is better together.

Kayce and Monica: Lovers From the Start

We quickly learn in season one that it was love at first sight for this couple.

“I’m trying to remember what I was wearing when I met you,” Kayce tells Monica. She responds with, “All I remember is that you weren’t wearing a lot.”

Kayce returns from the military and they’re trying to reconnect as a couple. It hasn’t always been easy for Kayce and Monica. However, Kayce continually chooses his wife, even when his father tried to persuade him otherwise. The two share a few more steamy moments in the bedroom before the influence of the Dutton family creeps up on Kayce.

Together, No Matter What

A learning point in Kayce and Monica’s relationship is when the two drive by a trailer home on the Broken Rock Reservation and it explodes. Kayce tells Monica to wait in the truck and she yells at him, “Kayce, I go where you go!”

This is just another testament to their love and that they’re in this life together, no matter what. Another pivotal moment is when Monica and Kayce are sitting on the front porch of their trailer. The two have such powerful pasts and family’s and they’re often faced with having to choose between the two.

Monica tells Kayce, “If we’re going to remain a family, we should probably get far away from here.” She’s willing to make that sacrifice for her husband and their son Tate (Brecken Merrill).

Kayce and Monica Against the World

Monica is an anchor for Kayce to a world outside of Yellowstone. It’s like no matter what Kayce does or what they argue about, the two know that they’re better off together than apart.

One example of this team mentality these two have built is when Kayce’s getting arrested by the police. Monica still tells Kayce that she loves him, regardless of what he’s getting arrested for. Some couples might freak out or yell at their partner, but not these two. They love each other through it all and somehow find a way to work through whatever they face.

“Without her, there would be nothing,” Grimes says about Kayce and Monica’s relationship on the hit show. “There’s so much love there.” A favorite moment of ours is when the two reunite as the Yellowstone helicopter takes off in the background.

“There’s a bond between them that will last until they’re in the ground,” Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, says about the couple.

This just goes to show that Kayce and Monica almost share some type of Shakespearean love.

There’s so much loss in season 1, and the couple makes it through most of it. However, we’re left with the couple separating at the end of the first “Yellowstone” installment. We have to turn to season 2 to find out if Dutton and Long make it through the darkness that always seems to test their relationship.