‘Yellowstone’ TV: Beth Dutton Actor Kelly Reilly Emotionally Responds After Major Award Nomination

by Katie Maloney

It’s not news to “Yellowstone” fans that Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the show, is an incredible actress. Since her very first scene in season one, fans have loved being stunned by Beth Dutton‘s words and actions. However, it took the world a little longer to catch on to the fact that Kelly Reilly deserves every acting award imaginable. Luckily, it looks like Hollywood has caught up to “Yellowstone” fans. The Hollywood Critics Association recently announced that they nominated Kelly Reilly for an award. She’s been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Cable or Network Series, Drama.

And everyone involved in “Yellowstone” – the cast, the crew, the fans – couldn’t be happier. This is the “Yellowstone” cast’s first-ever recognition for a major award. “Yellowstone”‘s official Instagram account congratulated Reilly for her “incredible work” in a recent post.

Along with a photo of Kelly Reilly as badass Beth Dutton, “Yellowstone” wrote, “ICYMI: For her incredible work on season 3 of #YellowstoneTV. Kelly Reilly was nominated by the Hollywood Critics Association for Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series Drama. Congrats, Kelly!”

This is Kelly Reilly’s first major award since she won a Spotlight award in 2012 for her work with Denzel Washington in the film Flight. So, how is Kelly Reilly feeling about her recent nomination? She hasn’t posted anything too detailed as of yet. But she did reply to “Yellowstone”‘s post.

She wrote, “@yellowstone thank you .. and for all these kind comments I’m very touched xx.”

How Are Fans Responding To The ‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Nomination?

It didn’t take long for dedicated “Yellowstone” fans to offer Kelly Reilly the celebration she deserves. After all, they have been waiting for three seasons to see the actor receive the well-earned recognition.

One fan wrote, “What an amazing actress!! She was incredible in season 3. Very powerful scenes that had to be real tough to get through. She deserves an Emmy.”

Another fan wrote about how her opinion of Beth Dutton changed because Kelly Reilly portrayed the character so well. They wrote, “She was incredible. Such great writing when you think a character is horrible and then you end up loving her.”

One more fan commented, “she should win anything to do with best actress. Kelly Reilly, you are an awesome lady.”

Additionally, a few fellow celebrities commented on the post to congratulate Kelly Reilly. Former “7th Heaven” actor, Beverly Mitchell, wrote, “Very much deserved!!!” Mitchell played daughter Lucy Camden on the show.

Actress and comedian, Barret Swatek, also replied, “So, SO well deserved.” Swatek has acted in movies including Lethal Weapon 4 and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.