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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Beth Dutton Actress Kelly Reilly Teasing Her Involvement in the ‘6666’ Spinoff?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom Press)

Well hello there, Kelly Reilly. What brings “Yellowstone”s finest actor all the way to Texas? Could the star be gearing up for a little “6666” action?

What a time to be a Western fan! As our fellow Outsiders know, “Yellowstone” studio Paramount Network has two new spinoffs in the works for their highly successful show. First up is a period-piece prequel, “Yellowstone: 1883”. Then, “6666” will take “Yellowstone” alums Jefferson White & Ryan Bingham down to the most famous ranch in U.S. history of the same name.

“6666” is a true, blue ranch in Texas, and has one of the most remarkable histories of any institution in America. So what does this have to do with Beth Dutton actor Kelly Reilly, you ask?

Thanks to Reilly’s latest Instagram post, we know the “Yellowstone” star is currently in Texas. First on her list was saying “hi” to Willie Nelson via his famous bronze statue. Could Kelly Reilly be gearing up for work on “6666” in the Lone Star State? Let’s discuss below.

(Photo courtesy of Kelly Reilly’s official Instagram.)

‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly is Texas Dreamin’

It’s worth noting right off the bat, however, that Texas is (obviously) a big a** state. Is Reilly actually anywhere near the 6666 Ranch? Or a major city where production is likely to take place?

That’s sort of two separate questions. Firstly, the Willie Nelson statue that Kelly Reilly visited is located in Austin, Texas. Austin is a major hub for the film and television industries, with several of both actively filming there at any given time. Both the CW’s Walker Texas Ranger reboot to Fear The Walking Dead currently film in Austin, among many others.

If the “Yellowstone” star were flying in for 6666 Ranch specifically, however, there are far closer major airports. Dallas, for example, is over 3 hours from Guthrie, TX, where the famous ranch resides. And that’s two hours closer than Austin, which is over a 5 hour drive. This is all assuming, of course, that an actor wouldn’t just take a private jet to and from. That’s a real thing.

But as previously noted, Austin is a likely city counterpart for filming “Yellowstone” spinoff “6666”. In short: yes, we may be grasping at straws here, but where’s the fun in the internet without a little tinfoil hatting?

No matter the case, audiences (us included) would obviously love to see more of Beth Dutton. And there is no Dutton daughter without the incomparable Kelly Reilly.

Color us highly intrigued!