‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s What Beth Dutton Actress Kelly Reilly Says a Person Has to Do to Survive on the Ranch

by Halle Ames

There is one vital tip to remember if you are going to survive on the Dutton Ranch. Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly gives us the scoop.

The Duttons run a pretty tight ship, and if you step out of line… the consequences could be deadly.

Survival Advice From Beth Dutton

Lucky for Beth Dutton, after growing up on the ranch, she managed to figure out how to maneuver around the madness that constantly surrounds her and her family.

During a 2019 interview with Screen Rant, Kelly Reilly, the actress who plays Beth Dutton on Yellowstone, opened up about the sketchy things that go on at the ranch. She also noted that if you want to survive, you need to be tight-lipped.

“Gosh, all these characters are bound to it,” said Reilly. “I mean, you don’t leave Yellowstone. That’s the thing. If you leave, you’re on the train. Because there are some dodgy things that are happening at Yellowstone, and in order for it to survive, you’ve got to keep your mouth shut.”

We hear you, Kelly Reilly! Mum’s the word. Why do you think she can’t make it through a family meal? She has two options: The first is to keep quiet about her opinions and eat her food, which is unlikely. The second option is to lash out and leave the dinner table in a chaotic fit. She usually chooses the latter. But notice how neither of those options involves revealing family secrets.

The Yellowstone Brand

During the same interview, Reilly explained how “the brand” plays a significant role in loyalty among members of the ranch. And we’re not talking about marketing. We’re referring to the literal branding of workers on the ranch. Although Beth Dutton isn’t branded herself, all the other cowboys (besides wormy little Jamie) are.

“It’s a little bit of Western Mafia happening here,” said Reilly. “But on a deeper emotional level to that, I think the branding is significant. Because they are all bound to this place emotionally. And they cannot escape. It will never be washed off.”

While Beth Dutton doesn’t need to worry about being hurt by her own family on the Yellowstone ranch, (except for maybe Jamie), she does need to worry about everyone else outside of the ranch. The end of season three of Yellowstone showed us the consequences of Beth letting her guard down when a bomb went off in her office.

Keeping your mouth shut on the ranch may help you survive, but once you step off the property, you are fair game. No one told Beth to hold back her feelings about everyone else in Montana. And boy, has Beth Dutton created some enemies for it. She’s basically a walking target.

Yellowstone‘s fourth season premieres in June. Buckle up Buckle Bunnies, we’ve got less than a month before showtime!