‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Beth Dutton’ Actress Kelly Reilly Poses for Awesome New Pics From Helicopter Ride

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone actress Kelly Reilly is taking full advantage of her downtime as her hit show is currently on hiatus.

Reilly plays the tough-talking Beth Dutton on Yellowstone and is a fan favorite among the show’s biggest fans. Reilly plays Beth as a fearless and dedicated member of the Dutton family, who foes do not want to tangle with. A sharp tongue and mental toughness are the qualities that Reilly pours into Beth Dutton, turning her into one of the interesting Yellowstone characters.

Filming for the upcoming fourth season of Yellowstone is wrapped up and Reilly is among cast members enjoying some free time. In the past couple of weeks, the actress has checked in with her social media followers from various parts of the country.

She spent some time in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and made her way down to Texas as well. She’s kept fans in the loop, posting several photos from her latest adventures. She even took a horseback ride at the infamous four sixes Ranch in West Texas. Some fans took that as a sign she could appear in the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff “6666.

Yellowstone Star Enjoys a Helicopter Ride

Speaking of latest adventures, it seems one of Reilly’s most recent was a helicopter ride. While she didn’t post about her ariel journey, her pilot was kind enough to share a photo before takeoff. It is safe to say the helicopter captain was excited to see the Yellowstone actress. She took to Instagram last week to share her story.

“People always ask me, what do you love?” the pilot says. “I love to fly. Those who know me, know it’s what I love most. Those who also know me, know that I am just a regular girl who works hard. A regular girl who was helping work cattle with the helicopter and happened to at the same place as Beth Dutton.”

It is easy to tell that Kelly Reilly left quite an impression on the young lady. She calls sharing a flight with the Yellowstone star “an honor.”

“Getting to share a flight with Kelly Reilly today has been one of the highlights of my career!” she says. “Incredible woman, and person! Such an honor!”

With the fourth season of Yellowstone just around the corner, fans are hoping Beth is still in the picture. The third season finale left her fate very much up in the air.

The hope among the Yellowstone faithful is that Beth is alive, well and ready to kick some tail.