‘Yellowstone’ TV: Beth Dutton Actress Kelly Reilly Reveals New Project Filmed in Rome

by Jon D. B.

Alongside Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, Yellowstone‘s Kelly Reilly has completed a new “love story” of a film in Rome: Promises.

“Made a film in Rome earlier this year , a love story. Was so wonderful to work with Amanda Sthers our brilliant writer /director. Thank you for having me come play,” Reilly captions the reveal.

Sthers, a prolific French director, helms Promises, which will be an English-language film. Within, Reilly also tags actor Pierfrancesco Favino’s official Instagram with several praising emojis. Clearly the Yellowstone actress‘ latest project is one to be proud of!

The main feature for her post is the reveal of a new promotional poster for the movie. It looks like a more sophisticated version of The Notebook, doesn’t it? Check it out for yourself below, Yellowstone fans:

“I am reading the novel and I can’t wait to watch it on screen,” replies fan Noemi from Italy. “I really think you’ll be so amazing playing this role (and it takes place in Italy, my country!) And I love the promotional poster, so intense,” she says of the reveal.

So what exactly can Kelly Reilly fans expect from Promises?

‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly to Star in Europe-Trotting ‘Promises’

According to Variety’s original report on the film, Promises recruits U.K. native Kelly Reilly, known to Yellowstone fans as Beth Dutton, for the film’s romantic lead. Beside her will be Italy’s Pierfrancesco Favino as mentioned, with France icon Jean Reno joining, as well.

Promises will be an English-language romantic drama, taking place in both Rome, Italy and London, U.K. The film began shooting in Rome this past March.

The romance is a novel adaptation. Interestingly, director Amanda Sthers is also a best-selling author and playwright, and the author of the original Promises book. Variety cites that the film adaptation “turns on an unfulfilled love affair between Alexander, played by Favino — who won best actor at Venice last year for his role in Italian drama “Padrenostro” — and Laura, played by Reilly (“True Detective,” “Britannia”).”

Of her Europe-spanning main cast, France native Sthers says she “grew up watching movies from around the globe.”

As a result, she says: “I allowed myself to choose talent over everything else, and wanted the global sentiment of the film reflected in casting.”

‘Promises’ Director Calls Reilly & Favino ‘Quintessential Cinematic Couple’

As for Yellowstone‘s Kelly Reilly, Sthers adds that “Together, Favino and Reilly look like a quintessential cinematic couple bringing a sense of timelessness to our story.”

“It took me three years to write ‘Promises’ as a novel and five more to adapt it for the screen, probably because putting time in a bottle is not an easy job,” she continues of her passion project. The story takes place over “several decades,” Sthers notes.

To this end, she says Promises captures “the whole life of a man in a glimpse… This great unfulfilled love story that you could have experienced if only you’d turned left instead of right,” per Variety.

Color us curious to see Kelly Reilly’s performance at the heart of it all. If anything, it sounds like we’re in for a decidedly non-Yellowstone/Beth Dutton role.