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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Beth Dutton Basks in Ominous Sunlight as Show Says ‘Calm Before the Storm’

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“And when the storm saw Beth, it turned around and retreated…” “Yellowstone” is gearing fans up for the premiere of Season 4 with an ominous Beth Dutton message.

“The calm before the storm,” indeed. “Yellowstone” is sharing a classic shot of their best character (dont @ us) Tuesday with this telling caption. Within, we see one of Beth’s publicity “glamor” shots from Season 2. It’s a glorious photo that always warrants revisiting, as you can see below.

But does this caption make anyone else nervous for the only Dutton daughter? For lack of a more apt phrase, sh*t already hit the fan in Season 3. One could even argue that the “storm” is pretty damn constant for Beth Dutton, too, right? How could things possibly get worse?

A rhetorical question, of course, as we know Season 4 is going to have to deal with so, so much. “Yellowstone” Season 3 had enemies around every corner gunning (literally) for the Duttons. In short: there’s no chance of Season 4 beginning as peacefully as S3’s serene opener. Maybe the storm is coming after all, and we fans haven’t seen anything yet.

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Will Beth Dutton Survive ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

If you’re here viewing this iconic photo, then you know what an absolute world-changer the Season 3 finale was for the Duttons. The entire family nearly-to-maybe met their ends… And the perpetrators? We have no idea. Not yet.

While the fate of the entire family is in question, fan-favorite Dutton daughter, Beth, may just be the biggest question mark of them all.

Just when things are finally looking up for Beth, tragedy strikes. Hard. The fiercest of the Duttons finally makes her rocky relationship with Rip Wheeler final… only for an explosive package to arrive at her office, and deadly chaos ensues. But is Beth really gone? Would “Yellowstone” kill off arguably their most popular character with fans just 3 or 4 seasons in?

We may now have our answer. February Instagram posts from both Beth’s Kelly Reilly and Rip’s Cole Hauser confirm one thing in absolute: Kelly Reilly is and has been on set in Montana for the filming of “Yellowstone” Season 4.

The culprit? Both actors are looking to raise awareness for an auction in support of the Careity Foundation. It’s a charity providing care for cancer patients, and both Reilly and Hauser posted big ol’ flyers for the event. Reilly, however, took hers down and deleted it from all platforms. Suspicious, much? Don’t worry, though, Hauser left his up, which you can still see right here.

While we don’t know the full capacity of Beth’s return, this does go a long way in strengthening what fans have felt all along: The Dutton Daughter will be back for “Yellowstone” Season 4. How long she’ll last, however, is anyone’s guess.