‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is This Where Beth Dutton May Die in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

Beth Dutton. Our beloved Beth Dutton. Will she survive the season three finale? Will Rip make it in time? We have so many unanswered questions!

At the end of the jaw-dropping Yellowstone cliffhanger in season three, we see three Dutton potentially meet their doom. Here is a recap if you have somehow forgotten.


As we are watching the last episode of the hit western drama, we are contemplating every way the Duttons can get out of selling a good bit of their ranch to Market Equities, who is trying to build an airport. Little did we know what the very end has in store for us. Little did we know that we should fear for the safety of our favorite characters.

Beth Dutton is the first to send us in a freakout. She is cleaning out her office when her assistant brings in a box that was left for her. When the assistant mentions how weird it is that there is a box within a box, Beth Dutton immediately smells trouble. However, before she can even finish her sentence telling her assistant not to touch the box, it explodes. A sizable bomb blows out the second-story office windows along with a massive cloud of dust.

John and Kayce both flirt with death as well. However, they weren’t greeted with a bomb, only a group of assailants, all heavily armed. We have faith in their survival, but Beth is still a wild card.

Will Beth Dutton die at all? Could she possibly make it to a hospital? Could she take her last breath in Rip’s loving arms?

That last scenario might send us if it plays out.

Reddit Debates Beth Dutton’s Fate

Yellowstone fans took to Reddit to debate if Beth Dutton’s latest attack could be her nail in the coffin.

“I reckon she’s alive, and the explosion would cause the windows to shatter, which would allow Beth to get forced outside, landing on the road badly wounded but alive. I think it would be stupid for them to kill such a powerful character.”

“Maybe the writers felt like she had exhausted all of her storylines? Her falling in love with Rip, the story about her hysterectomy, she was fired from her company. Maybe she really is dead…”

This Reddit user broke down why it is and isn’t a possibility.

“Part of me thinks her character is too strong, and she’s got plot armor. There is no other female lead on the show, even in her league. With that said, killing her off would be incredibly ballsy and would really shake things up dramatically for the series. It would fundamentally change both Rip and John Dutton and would be interesting to see how Jamie reacts, presuming he wasn’t behind the whole thing. I can see the pros for either scenario.”

We had so many hopes and dreams for Beth Dutton and Rip. We can picture it now, our crazy Bonnie and Clyde, living in one of the ranch houses, adopting a child or two, living happily ever after together. Both are finally happy.

Is that really too much to ask?

Well, possibly. We will find out in June what becomes of the Dutton family when Yellowstone season four finally debuts. Start getting excited!