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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Beth Dutton’s Assistant Sacrifice Herself in Season 3 Finale Attacks?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of Paramount Network smash hit Yellowstone are still reeling after the explosive ending of the third season.

The third season finale sees three members of the Dutton family come under attack from unknown ambushers. John Dutton, the family patriarch, was shot several times in the chest while helping a family change a flat tire. John’s son, Kayce Dutton, also took fire from an unknown attacking entity. Sitting in his office when the shooting starts, he is able to flip over his desk to shield himself from incoming bullets. Heading into season four, it isn’t known if either Yellowstone rancher is dead or alive.

Then there is John’s daughter Beth Dutton, who may have taken the worst of the attack. Beth is the recipient of a brown package that arrives at her office via mail. Inside the package is a bomb that explodes inside her office when her assistant opens it. Beth is mere feet from the explosive when it detonates and therefore, her status is also in jeopardy.

While fans believe Beth could have survived the blast, her poor assistant is likely not in the same boat, taking the full brunt of the blast. But is her now surely dead assistant as innocent as she appears to be?

A new theory making the internet rounds suggest that maybe the brand new assistant is a co-conspirator in the attack.

If you will recall, Beth fired her longtime assistant for spilling coffee a short time before receiving the exploding package. Needing to quickly find a new assistant, Beth could have rushed the hiring process when finding a replacement. This would have given Dutton enemies the perfect way to get someone into her office. The theory states that the young new assistant could have sacrificed herself to put her family in positive financial standing.

Of all the Dutton enemies that could have pulled off the attack, this theory points the finger at Market Equities. Headed up by Willa Hayes ad Roarke Morris, the organization wishes to turn the Yellowstone Ranch into a high-traffic airport. The Duttons are having none of it with every intention of keeping their ranch at all costs. Even after an offering of $500 million, John gives Roarke a hard no on their attempt at purchasing his property.

Hayes and Morris certainly have the motivation to take the Duttons out of commission. Judging by their big-money offers for Yellowstone Ranch, they also have the funds to encourage someone to sacrifice themselves for a large sum of money. Could they be behind the attack on Beth? You would have to think they are prime suspects at the very least.

Much of season four’s storyline is likely to revolve around who carries out the attacks and how the Duttons will respond. You have to think that the Duttons could send a bomb of their own, named Rip Wheeler, in the direction of the attackers. We wouldn’t want to be in those shoes once the brute and burly cowboy learns of the attack. You can bet Rip will have plenty of backup too with the bunkhouse boys ready to avenge the attack on their employer.

With the new season drawing ever closer, fans of Yellowstone won’t have to wait much longer for answers.