‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Beth or Jamie Dutton Win Power of Attorney Over John’s Affairs?

by Halle Ames

The day we see John Dutton die will be a sad day in cinematic history. However, will Beth or Jamie Dutton win power of attorney over John’s affairs?

John Dutton’s death may come sooner than he may have hoped. After suffering from cancer, emergency surgery from a vet, and now a shooting on the side of the road, I don’t know many more lives the family patriarch has left.

Which Dutton Will Prevail?

When John does eventually kick the bucket, which of his three surviving children will become power of attorney over the massive ranch?

According to Aging Care, the power of attorney can be given to anyone. However, individuals usually choose a trusted family member to handle the responsibility of making health and financial decisions for them.

The keywords here are “responsible” and “trusted.” That defiantly isn’t Jamie Dutton.

The only person those words describe is Beth Dutton. Beth is a cut-throat businesswoman who will move mountains for her father. The youngest daughter of the Dutton family is financially savvy and is hardcore enough to handle all the cowboys on the ranch.

The only issue with Beth Dutton becoming power of attorney is that she hates the ranch. She has no intentions of working as hard as the family does to keep the property. But like we said, Beth is loyal to her father, and if he asks her to carry out his dream, we believe she probably would. Additionally, Beth (if she survives) is engaged to Rip, who could run the ranch while she does the financials. They could become a “Yellowstone” power couple (as if they aren’t already).

Why We Believe Jamie Dutton Won’t Be Granted Power Of Attorney

On the one hand, Jamie is an actual attorney and older than Beth. However, the issue we see with Jamie Dutton is that he isn’t blood, and he is very selfish. The potentially evil character works in his own interest and would probably not carry out John’s wishes after his death.

Besides, John is very family-oriented. So, because Jamie Dutton is adopted, we don’t believe John would sign over his property to him. Kayce, could have a good claim to the property, although he isn’t into the “politics” or financial side of the operation. He just wants to break horses and cowboy around. However, Kayce is the only Dutton with a child to pass on the ranch to.

We feel as though Beth will be granted power of attorney and give the ranch to Kayce, who can pass it down to Tate after his death. That way, the Dutton name will live on. If that is the case, Jamie Dutton may be left out in the cold with nothing.

Reddit Fans Debate

Reddit fans also weighed in on who would take over in John’s absence.

“I think that rifling through the papers as part of figuring out what is going on with the trust and how he found out Beth filed power of attorney in Utah. He made clear he’s out for himself, but I don’t think he can try to sell the property out from under John while John and Rip live. That’s a recipe to get taken to the train station with a quickness, and he knows it.”

One user described Beth becoming power of attorney would just muddy things for the Duttons.

“Watching the episode where Jamie Dutton in his office and the assistant brings him some files regarding the POA. He says she must have used Schwartz and Meyer attorneys and filed in Utah…she asks if it’s invalid… Jaimie says ‘no’…it just muddies the waters…so Beth can still fight for the ranch.”

Hopefully, we don’t see the day where John dies, but “Yellowstone” loves throwing us for a loop. Season four debuts in June.