‘Yellowstone’ TV: Beth Is ‘Never Past Playing Hard to Get With Rip’ in Epic Clip

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” is releasing a steady stream of clips in the lead-up to the Season 4 premiere this summer. And in the latest installment, the show’s official Twitter account posted a classic exchange between Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser) one bright, sunny day on the ranch.

“See you soon,” Rip says as Beth walks away.

“Maybe,” Beth fires back.

“We’re well past playing hard to get, don’t you think, Beth?” Rip chides her.

Beth turns around. “You and me? We’re never past playing hard to get, baby,” she responds.

What Does ‘Yellowstone’ Have in Store for Beth and Rip?

When Season 3 ended, Beth had just disappeared into the fireball that engulfed her office after her assistant opened a suspicious package. Rip has ridden to Beth’s rescue before, but will he be able to save her from this? Will Beth even live to see Season 4?

That question – will Beth and Rip get their long-awaited happy ending? – was on many fans’ minds after the last season finale. And Hauser and Reilly know it. They’ve been careful not to let slip any spoilers. But in an August 2020 interview with Esquire, Hauser held out hope that Beth and Rip may yet make it through.

“That’s absolutely something that could happen,” Hauser said of Beth and Rip ending up together. “You’re going to see how it shakes out at the end, but… we’ll see where [series co-creator] Taylor [Sheridan] takes us. I don’t sit with him and say, ‘Hey, by year seven, are we here or there?’ That relationship, it could go many different ways, but I think it could go in the way of us being together.”

Hauser further pointed out that there had been speculation on the Internet about whether Rip survived Season 3. It turned out that question was better asked of Beth in the end. But it just goes to show that Sheridan likes to push his characters into peril only to whisk them to safety later. And since Beth is an undeniable fan favorite, fans can only hope that’s what he has in store for Beth next.

Reilly Is Offering No Hints

For her part, Reilly has been pretty tight-lipped in interviews about what happens to Beth. She won’t even say whether she takes part in Season 4 of “Yellowstone” – a refusal some took as a bad omen. But Reilly does insist that Sheridan did a good job with Season 4.

“I’m not allowed to really say too much about whether or not I’m part of Season 4,” Reilly said in a February interview with Screen Rant. “In fact, I’m not allowed to say anything. But what I can say is that Season 4 has been shot, and that it’s wonderful what happens. I will say that. It’s really mind-blowing and big and extravagant, and Taylor Sheridan came back. He writes every script, and he directed a bunch of them again, so I know it’s bigger than ever. I think the seasons are just getting better, personally.”

It looks like fans have little choice but to wait until “Yellowstone” starts up again to find out what happens to their favorite characters. While Rip did, in fact, survive Season 3, it remains to be seen if Beth will live to play hard-to-get again. Fortunately for “Yellowstone” fans, the Season 4 premiere is drawing closer by the day.