‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Beth & Rip’s First Date Foreshadow Her Season 3 Finale Fate?

by Halle Ames

Leave it to Yellowstone to foreshadow Beth Dutton’s potential death all the way back to the beginning of Season One.

Oh, you don’t remember? No biggie. Let us refresh your memory.

Beth and Rip’s First Date in Yellowstone Season 1

After Rip Wheeler failed at planning their first date, a music festival, Beth asked her on-and-off childhood sweetheart to plan a date a little more suited to her personality.

Rip, knowing just how twisted and morbid Beth is, suggests a nice romantic drive to the Yellowstone National Park. No, not to admire its beauty. Even better. He asks if Beth wants to get drunk and go to the park to watch a wolf pack take down an elk.

Can you say romantic?

“I’ve done some morbid s–t on a first date, but this takes the cake, Rip,” Beth said. Like we said before. They continue on with the foreshadowing between Beth and Rip.

“Yeah, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everything you know and everyone you see, everywhere, is going to die,” states Rip.

“You got old,” notes Beth.

“God, you haven’t aged a day,” says Rip. “S–t, you might just cheat death yet.”

KNOCK ON WOOD! KNOCK ON WOOD! Beth proceeds to test her luck by getting out of the car and sprinting through Yellowstone, bottle in hand.

The wolves run in fear of little Beth.

Does Beth Die in the Season 3 Finale

Fast forward to the Season Three finale of Yellowstone, and Beth Dutton is once again testing her fate. If this woman were a cat, she would be low on lives by now in the series.

After fighting once again for her land at the Yellowstone ranch in a meeting with all the biggest names in Montana, Beth finds herself fired from her job at Schwartz and Meyers. This isn’t really a big deal for Beth, who happily packs up her office, taking everything with her. We are talking the sugar, the coffee creamer, the paper, all of it.

Her assistant walks back from the supply room with a box that was sitting out, waiting for Beth. She asks if Beth would like the package in her car but proceeds to open the cardboard box right there in the office.

After breaking through the initial box, the assistant notes that it was odd that there was a box within a box. Beth looks up in shock, quickly yelling for her not to touch the package. However, before Beth can finish her sentence, the box, containing a bomb, explodes.

The episode cuts to a street view of the office, where the windows get blown out with dust and debris.

It is unknown if Beth survives the blast. While we have broken down every possible motive behind who carried out the attacks and every possible outcome, anxious Yellowstone fans have to wait until June to find out the Dutton family’s fate.

Buckle up, buckle bunnies.