‘Yellowstone’ TV: If Beth Dutton Survives Season 3 Finale, What’s Her First Move in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

A fan favorite since her first appearance on Yellowstone, Beth Dutton is one of the most interesting characters to be found on the ranch.

Played by veteran actress Kelly Reilly, Beth Dutton’s story arc has been one of Yellowstone’s top draws. With a fearless attitude, sharp tongue and superior intellect, Beth is a force to be reckoned with on and off the Dutton Ranch. With a brand new season of the Paramount Network series rapidly approaching, fans are wondering what is in store the queen of Yellowstone Ranch.

Yellowstone Fans in the Dark Regarding Her Fate

For starters, we simply do not know Beth’s fate as we head into the fourth season of Yellowstone. In the third season finale, she is the recipient of a package bomb that explodes in her office. Beth is mere feet from the explosion that rattles the building and knocks out the windows. Her status, at least at the moment, is very much up in the air. She could be dead, alive or some combination of both when the highly anticipated season finally arrives. At the very least, viewers have to assume that she is likely seriously injured.

Beth isn’t the only Dutton to come under attack in Yellowstone’s third season finale. Her father, John Dutton, is gunned down on the side of the road while helping a stranded family. Her brother, Kayce Dutton, also faces gunfire as the final seconds of the finale tick away. He is able to flip over his desk and take cover as the currently unknown assailants advance on his location. Much like Beth, the status of John and Kayce is unknown at this time.

Aside from the status of the three Duttons, the biggest question on the mind of Yellowstone is who carries out these attacks. There is no shortage of possible suspects with a laundry list of motives to take out the Duttons. Market Equities want the Dutton property in order to build an airport. Broken Rock Tribe leader, Chief Rainwater, thinks the property belongs to him and his people and wants it back. Jamie Dutton, John’s adopted son, is being encouraged by his biological father to get rid of the Duttons and take over Yellowstone.

Beth Dutton Is Going to Beth Dutton

While she can more than hold her own, Beth’s flair for the dramatic can sometimes lead to trouble. She makes quick enemies of the Market Equities duo of Roarke Morris and Willa Hayes in season three. The latter despises Beth so much that she purchases Schwartz & Meyer just so she can fire Beth from her position at the firm. One might think her business partner, Bob Schwartz, is none too pleased with this transaction. Could he factor in the fourth season’s plot?

Then there is Beth’s fiancée and all-around BA, Rip Wheeler. Fans were beyond excited when the two became engaged last season and we are holding out hope for a Yellowstone wedding in season four. You have to think that the attacks have thrown a wrench in those plans.

So what is Beth’s next move, assuming she survives the season three ambush?

The guess here is that she goes out looking for revenge, stopping at nothing to hunt down the culprit(s) who tries to kill her and her family. It just seems like the Beth thing to do.

Seeing Beth hit the warpath with Rip at her side is what we all want to see. In a perfect Yellowstone world, Rip would seek out and bash the heads in of all those involved. Then, he and Beth tie the knot and head to Hawaii for an incredible honeymoon full of beautiful memories.

But this is Yellowstone we are talking about here. So when it comes to Beth, Rip, the Dutton family and everything else on the ranch — the best thing to do is — expect the unexpected.