‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is the Biker Brawl the Best Fight Scene on the Show?

by Thad Mitchell

One of the most popular shows on television, Yellowstone has certainly had its fair share of memorable moments.

A recent tweet from the show’s Twitter account asks if a season three brawl scene is the best fight on the show. The scuffle occurs between the Yellowstone Ranch hands and a California motorcycle club trespassing on the ranch. It’s a real “slobber knocker” between the two factions to say the least. The tweet shows a behind-the-scenes look at how the fight went down.

The biker fight scene starts out with ranch hands Ryan, Colby and Teeter approaching a group of motorcycle riders. After the hands ask them politely to leave the private property of the ranch, the bikers refuse, and it’s on. Severely outnumbered, the ranch hands get the worst of the fight initially until help arrives.

Just as the battle looks like it’s going to go the way of the bikers, Rip Wheeler and Lloyd arrive to turn the tables. First, Rip swerves his truck directly into the path of the bikes, completely destroying several of them. This definitely draws the attention of the bikers away from the ranch hands. Rip proceeds to grab a branding iron and easily takes out several bikers before one points a gun at him. Lloyd is also able to easily overcome attackers and has a gun of his own and points it directly at the biker with the gun pointed at Rip. The biker says he is going to kill Rip, which draws the ire of Lloyd.

“It will be the last thing you ever do,” he says to the biker.

With Rip and Lloyd taking charge, the ranch hands are able to overtake the bikers and force them to leave. Seeking revenge, they return later that night with the intention of burning the property. They are met by John Dutton and a host of ranch hands who force them to dig their own graves. John eventually lets them leave with the promise that they will never return.

It is not only one of the best fight scenes on the show but also one of the best overall scenes on Yellowstone. There have been plenty of terrific fight scenes, many involving Rip and Kayce Dutton, but the biker fight scene takes the cake for the best overall fight scene on the show.