‘Yellowstone’ TV: Bombshell Fan Theory Suggests Jamie May Give up Child to Beth

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone fans have a new theory that Jamie will give up his baby to his little sister Beth Dutton.

We’re going to break down why this is a possibility and also why this may not be an option.

To give a little background on the situation, Yellowstone’s Beth and Jamie Dutton hate each other’s guts. Why? Glad you asked.

When Beth was still a young teenager, she found herself pregnant with Rip’s child. Not knowing who else to turn to, Beth asks her older brother, Jamie, for help. Still a teenager himself, he is aware of his family’s status in the town and takes her to a facility on the Native American reservation that can perform the abortion, but at a cost.

To get an abortion at the clinic, patients must also undergo a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is a surgery that removes a woman’s uterus. Thereafter, she will never be able to get pregnant again.

Naturally, Beth held hostility to her brother for taking away the option of bearing children. In his warped point of view, Jamie assumed he was looking out for his family’s image.

Fast forward to the present day, and Yellowstone season two throws us another curveball.

Jamie gets his girlfriend and former campaign manager, Christina, played by Katherine Cunningham, pregnant. Not much is said in the show about the baby. Besides that, Christina asks him to choose between his child and his family.

Since Jamie has burnt bridges with pretty much his whole family at this point, we assume he will choose the baby.

Here’s Why Jamie Likely Will Not Give His Baby to Beth

There are numerous reasons why Jamie will not give this unborn child to Beth.

First, Beth may or may not be dead. That is the most significant factor.

Also, if Beth somehow does survive, I do not think she will want to raise her hated brother’s child. It should be noted that Christina has not agreed to give up her unborn child to someone she also hates.

In addition, Jamie feels like he doesn’t owe Beth anything. Especially after finding out that they are not even brother and sister by blood.

Yellowstone Likes to Prove Us Wrong

There is the smallest chance, however, that it is possible. Maybe Jamie feels guilty, since he made her get the hysterectomy and it’s his way of getting even while also unburdening himself with a child.

There is also a chance that Beth would raise the baby because she views her brother as weak. This way, the baby would grow up being loved and raised by strong-minded Duttons. The Dutton last name that is only living on through Tate currently.

Still, we do not see Jamie’s unborn baby being handed to Beth as nonchalantly as a loaf of bread, but hey, we have been wrong before.

Season four of Yellowstone is set to premiere like in the summer of this year. Start getting excited!