‘Yellowstone’ TV: Bombshell Theory Suggests Both Jamie and Jimmy Are John Dutton’s Nephews

by Thad Mitchell

With the newest season of the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” arriving in the fall, speculation on season four is ramping up.

“Yellowstone” fans have flocked to online forum sites to discuss their favorite show with other fans. Fans love to theorize about what the future holds for “Yellowstone” Ranch and what will come of our favorite characters. A new fan theory taken from Reddit suggests two prominent characters could be nephews of John Dutton. The theory states that Jamie Dutton and ranch hand Jimmy are related to the Duttons — just not in the way we think. According to the Redditor, Evelyn Dutton had two sisters and they are the mothers of Jamie and Jimmy.

“Evelyn is one of three sisters and their father was Dirk,” the poster writes. “Jimmy and Jaime are both nephews. That wouldn’t explain why Dirk isn’t involved with the Dutton kids.”

Dirk, in case you don’t remember, is Jimmy’s grandfather who was killed by Jimmy’s former associates.

It’s a far-out there theory but “Yellowstone” has shown that it isn’t afraid to go there with far-reaching storylines. The possibility of Jamie being related to John Dutton has been put out there several times by theorizing fans. Jamie was adopted by the Dutton family when he was just an infant. His biological father killed his mother when he found his son sucking on a crack pipe as if it were a bottle. Upon reuniting with his biological father, Garrett Randall, Jamie has a falling out with his adopted father. Randall reveals to Jamie that he killed his mother in order to give Jamie a chance at a normal life. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding Jamie’s past and fans hope to get some answers in the new season.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Throws Out Wild Theory

Jimmy Hurdstrom is another youngster taken in by John Dutton to work on “Yellowstone” Ranch. He is “recruited” by Rip Wheeler who gives little choice but to join the ranch. Though wary at first, Jimmy accepts the opportunity and receives the “Yellowstone” brand from Rip. Jimmy has a rough go of it upon arriving at the ranch but soon learns his way around. He takes up riding bucking horses in the rodeo but suffers a serious injury upon falling off one. Visiting him in the hospital, John Dutton tells Jimmy not to worry about the medical bills. We last see Jimmy lying face down in the dirt after falling off a bucking horse in the third season finale.

We never really get a reason as to why John Dutton often takes in troubled youth. Maybe it is because he has a big heart and loves to see young people succeed. Maybe he just needs workers for “Yellowstone” Ranch. This theory provides an additional angle — perhaps this is John Dutton’s way of taking care of the family.

However, it may play out, “Yellowstone” fans are beyond excited for a new season.