‘Yellowstone’ TV Breaks Down ‘Season 2 in Ten Minutes’ with Epic Montage

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Need a refresher on Yellowstone Season 2? Paramount just hit fans with a phenomenal montage highlighting the season’s incredible storytelling in less than 10 minutes.

Saddle up, girls and boys. Digesting the entirety of a Yellowstone season in 10 minutes is… Heavy… But in the best of ways. Thanks to the show’s official Instagram, fans can now do exactly that. In one of the best montages Outsider’s ever seen, Paramount has managed to make a cohesive, brilliantly-edited 8 minute and 54-second recap of Season 2.

“Season 2 in 10 Minutes” the montage is captioned, before the show asks “What is your favorite Season 2 moment?”

How do we pick just one? From John Dutton not having colon cancer to his unbelievable present to Rip, so much happened in Yellowstone‘s incredible second season – good, bad, and ugly.

It was heartbreak, however, that wound up the name of the game for the most part. Watching Kayce and Monica’s relationship fall apart was devastating – as was watching the political & familial drama between Jamie and his father and sister unravel. Nothing before or after, however, has rivaled having to watch what the Beck Brothers did to Beth… and then Tate right behind.

Yet on the other side, all of this did open the door to John finally having a relationship with his only grandchild, Tate. Seeing the Duttons and Thomas Rainwater “stand together”, too, was a telling turn of evets that showed such a thing is possible.

And look, we know it’s questionable ethically to enjoy seeing someone gunned down. But watching Malcom Beck breathe his last on a toilet was every bit as fulfilling as when Tywin Lannister did the same on Game of Thrones. Classic.

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With phenomenal attention paid to main story beats, this recap feels a stellar way to catch up before Season 4 hits this summer (2021). Hopefully, then, this means a Season 3 montage is on the way sooner rather than later. Why Yellowstone has chosen to delve into Season 2 only with this treatment is beyond us, but we’d bet a few good horses this means we can expect more.

For now, check out “Yellowstone Season 2 in 10 Minutes” for yourself below, courtesy of the show’s official Instagram. We’re not just hyping it up, either. It really is a terrific watch; one that shows how tremendously satisfying S2 was and is as a whole. It was, after all, the season that catapulted Yellowstone to the #1 cable drama it is today and cemented it as the best in modern Western storytelling.

What a damn wild ride, huh? Yellowstone Season 4 can’t get here soon enough!