‘Yellowstone’ TV: Brecken Merrill Names the Bunkhouse Member Tate ‘Would Have Most Fun With’

by Matthew Memrick

“Yellowstone” actor Brecken Merrill took time to answer what Bunkhouse member Tate “would have most fun with” on Sunday.

The actor started with an Instagram video post from behind the scenes. Notably, the young actor has more than 17,900 followers on Instagram. 

Merrill practiced his cowboy skills, using a lasso on a dummy steer with Jake Reem. The 13-year-old boy, who plays Tate in the show, didn’t hold back when a fan asked the prime question:

“Out of all the men in the bunk house, who do you think Tate would have the most fun with?”

“Teeter,” Merril said. “No contest. (Okay, she’s not a man, but she’s by far the most “fun!)

Jennifer Landon, a third-season cast addition, is Teeter, of course.

Landon is the daughter of former “Bonanza” and “Highway to Heaven” star Michael Landon.

Young “Yellowstone” Actor Stays Busy 

Sundays on the lot are fun for Merrill, the “Yellowstone” cast and fans. The young actor often shares backstage photos from the set every Sunday before the season premiere of the show.

To him, it’s just a chance to show fans what the cast does to make “Yellowstone.” 

“You can see #jakeream teaching me how to rope. #lukegrimes is there too – he’s a much better roper than I am,” he wrote alongside the clip.

Merrill also shared a picture of the pre-scene makeup process.

“And the first pic is Shannon and Andrew doing quick last-second adjustments before we shoot the scene,” he explained.

Merrill also shows some photos with Kevin Costner as the duo waited to film. 

Hanging out with Bunkhouse Friend Teeter

Landon has charmed Merrill and the cast with her rough portrayal of Teeter. Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, said Teeter was “the role of the season” earlier this year.

Many fans don’t hold back when they take to social media to talk about the Texan’s “Montana” accent or the similarities between her and her late father.

One fan said she was “perfect just like her dad was!” and tweeted hashtags to “Yellowstone” and “Little House on the Prairie”. 

According to IMDB.com, Jennifer Landon’s first acting job was as a little girl in one of the final “Highway to Heaven” episodes. She was five when she acted in the 1989 “Merry Christmas to Grandpa” episode.

She also was in the 1991 pilot for the show “Us” in one of her father’s final TV series. Michael Landon died before the pilot was aired.

Now the acting veteran has an impressive body of work with roles on “As The World Turns,” “The Young and The Restless,” “Banshee,” and “House.” In 2007, she won a Daytime Emmy for her role in “As The World Turns.”

Recently, Landon also has a recurring role on “FBI: Most Wanted,” a CBS spinoff of “FBI.” The premiere will be in September on the network.