‘Yellowstone’ TV: Brecken Merrill Reveals Funny Behind Scenes Details About Re-Shoots With Luke Grimes

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill has instituted “Yellowstone” Sundays, in which he offers behind-the-scenes explanations of your favorite moments from the hit Paramount Network series.

In the latest installment, Merrill takes us behind the scenes of the classic “transplants” scene, wherein Kacye Dutton (Luke Grimes) schools his son Tate (Merrill) on one notable side effect of development: the presence of transplants, brand-new residents who parachute into the area from out of state.

In a Sunday Instagram post, Merrill explained that the original version of that scene was actually quite different, but they decided to reshoot it for several reasons. The final version of the scene takes place in downtown Ogden, Utah, which is where the first picture in Merrill’s album was taken.

“The rest of the pics are from the *first* time we shot the scene outside a real estate office in Heber,” Merrill explained. “There were various reasons they decided to reshoot the scene. One reason was because I hadn’t quite mastered scene continuity and my ice cream cone kept magically switching hands ☺️. Shout out to our talented editing team who catch our bloopers and make us look good!”

‘Yellowstone’ Features Plenty of Great Father-Son Moments

“Yellowstone” is rife with father-son moments, some of them happier than others. The scene in downtown Ogden is a rare tranquil moment for Kayce and Tate – they sit in front of an ice cream parlor eating ice cream and chatting.

But in other scenes, there is more dramatic tension. For instance, there’s the time when Tate emerges from a drainage pipe holding a giant snake, and Kayce has to confront the realization that Tate was in danger when he left him in there alone. Or there’s the scene where Kayce rescues Tate from kidnappers hired by the Beck brothers, and a traumatized Tate doesn’t recognize his own father at first.

Tate also has multiple scenes with his grandpa, John Dutton (Kevin Costner). And Merrill has praised Costner’s work in previous installments of his behind-the-scenes Instagram series.

Season 4 Is Due Out This November

Meanwhile, after a long wait, “Yellowstone” fans recently received word that Season 4 will premiere this November. The last three seasons have premiered in June, so the show’s devoted fanbase was a bit miffed when June passed without so much as an announcement about Season 4.

Fortunately, the Paramount Network was not about to let them down. The Season 4 trailer came out right around the time that news broke of their plans to shoot for November, the traditional corridor for returning prestige and must-see shows. Plus, that timing will allow the network to cross-promote “Yellowstone” on NFL broadcasts.

With Paramount eyeing early November for the premiere, there remains a little more than two months left to go before Season 4 launches. And in the meantime, the show’s cast and crew are doing their best to remind fans that “Yellowstone” is worth the wait.