‘Yellowstone’ TV: Brecken Merrill Treats Mom to Sushi for Mother’s Day in Adorable Panda Sweatshirt

by Thad Mitchell

Young Yellowstone star Brecken Merrill is among several celebrities to use social media to wish their mothers a special Mother’s Day.

Merrill plays Tate Dutton, the lone grandchild of Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton and son of Kayce and Monica Dutton. Away from the Yellowstone set, Brecken is your typical kid with interesting hobbies like owl pellet dissection. Unusual hobbies aside, Merrill is terrific on the Paramount Network hit series as Tate. He has quickly become a fan favorite through three seasons.

On Mother’s Day, Merrill and family treated mom to a sushi lunch and some quality time together. Brecken even wore a special outfit that may come back to haunt him — though he does make for an adorable Panda Bear.

“We took mom to sushi for Mother’s Day,” Merrill says in his social media post. He concludes the post’s caption with a sushi emoji.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Stays Active on Social Media

Like many other Yellowstone actors, Merrill stays active on social media to engage fans of the show during its offseason. With filming for the upcoming fourth season wrapped up, several cast members are spending quality time with their families.

Merrill often takes to Instagram in order to interact with Yellowstone fans. He also posts about his families’ adventure, including yesterday when he threw it back to the time he convinced his mother to ride a gondola. He uses the humorous video to wish his mother an early happy Mother’s Day.

“Gondola ride in Park City,” he says in the post’s caption. “Flashback Friday to 2019 when I convinced my mom to ride a gondola. She is super afraid of heights. Count how many times she says, “Oh my God!”

With a new season of Yellowstone drawing closer by the day, Fans of the modern western are wondering what’s in store for Tate. The first three seasons have no been all that kind to the Dutton youngster. He’s fought a rattlesnake, witnessed his parents split and was kidnapped by an armed militia group in the second season.

But Tate has also had his positive moments on the show as well. Who can forget the heartwarming scene where Tate gets his very own horse?

Yellowstone fans will get even more of Brecken Merrill’s Tate Dutton in season four.