‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Bunkhouse Boys Answer Hilarious Questions about Beth and Rip

by Will Shepard

Yellowstone took to Instagram to share an awesome video of the bunkhouse boys answering questions about Beth and Rip. The video is just over four minutes long and absolutely amazing.

The bunkhouse boys are playing a game, but it’s more complicated than just a game. The clip opens with the scene where Beth gives Rip a ring. Afterward, the bunkhouse boys “bet the red,” and comedy ensues.

So, to make fun of their relationship, they ask a series of questions about hypothetical scenarios that could happen. Each hilarious question ponders the nature of their partnership. Actors Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards will certainly get you laughing in this short video.

The Bunkhouse Boys Answer Questions About Beth and Rip

The first question they start with is, “Who is cleaning the dishes after dinner each night, Beth or Rip?” To which, the three unanimously decide that Rip will be cleaning the dishes after dinner.

“Who’s doing the laundry?” Ian and Jefferson immediately agree that Rip would do the laundry. But, Denim decides otherwise. So, he says, “I think they’re paying someone for that.”

But, then they start talking, and mention that Rip only wears one thing, so Ian says that Beth would probably do the laundry. However, Ian sticks with his initial reaction and remains a firm believer that Rip does the laundry.

“Who is most likely to rip the marriage apart with an inter-marital affair?” Jefferson questions whether or not either of them would actually be able to cheat. Ian chimes in, saying that he thinks that it wouldn’t be productive for them. But, Jefferson says that both characters are bad people, so Ian says that it might be Beth.

“Who stocks the fridge with beer?” Jefferson responds almost before Ian finishes the question. He says that the answer is clearly Rip. But Ian seems to think otherwise. He says, “this is a complete role reversal, she does it for him.” Denim agrees that Beth would be stocking their Yellowstone fridge with beer.

Another question the boys discuss is, “Who does the food shopping?” The guys unilaterally decide that Rip would be doing the grocery shopping.

The mix of questions in this video is awesome. The bunkhouse boys feel that there are some clear and obvious answers to certain questions. But, on others, they all seem to have a difference of opinion about Beth and Rip. Each question is accompanied by a short clip from the show for an explanation.