‘Yellowstone’ TV: Bunkhouse Boys Describe Teeter’s Presence in the Bunkhouse

by Jennifer Shea

The “Yellowstone” Twitter account is sharing more behind-the-scenes interviews from the show’s set. Among other subjects, this most recent clip explores the atmosphere in the bunkhouse after Teeter (Jen Landon) joins the ranch hands.

The bunkhouse was a pretty male-dominated atmosphere at the beginning of the series. But then Rip (Cole Hauser) decided to bring in some women. Granted, Rip isn’t too wild about some of the women – like Jimmy’s girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin) and her friend Laramie (Hassie Harrison) – who show up in the bunkhouse. But he’s happy to hire them as ranch hands if they can do the work.

First, there was Avery (Tanaya Beatty), a former stripper who briefly became Jimmy’s (Jefferson White) love interest before disappearing.

Then Rip hired Teeter. The pink-haired, wiry, tough talking (we think; it’s not always easy to catch what Teeter says) ranch hand shakes up the bunkhouse and, by the end of Season 3, takes on the Yellowstone brand. She also goes after Colby (Denim Richards) pretty aggressively.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Boys Dish on Teeter

“She brings it all,” Lloyd actor Forrie J. Smith said in the clip. “She brings turmoil, and comic relief.”

As the sort of elder statesman of the bunkhouse, Lloyd watches in bemusement as Teeter outflanks the boys and pushes her way into Colby’s life. She’s a dedicated employee, herding cattle, fixing buildings and generally making herself useful around the ranch, so Lloyd doesn’t object to her presence.

“The energy’s so disarming that I think you find the bunkhouse changes,” Ryan actor Ian Bohen explained of Teeter’s presence there.

Ryan knows Teeter throws Colby off. So naturally, he is constantly teasing Colby about what he sees as their budding relationship.

“She’s a badass,” Hauser declared. “You know, and I hire her based on that.”

Rip seems to derive considerable amusement from watching Teeter upend the bunkhouse. But after she suffers serious injuries in an attack toward the end of Season 3, he’s as outraged as he would be over any of the other ranch hands getting hurt.

“It seems like Teeter’s character, the way that she is – like, ‘I’ve been here and done that, I’ve seen all of it, look guys, this is the way that it is, like, just deal with it’ – is really really freeing and awesome to be able to be on the other side of that and also see that play out,” Richards said.

From the moment she joins the Dutton ranch, Teeter pursues Colby, who is initially appalled at her advances. Read more about their relationship here and here.

Watch the bunkhouse boys talk Teeter here: