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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Can Fans Predict What Will Happen in Coming Seasons Based Off Past Hit Show?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of Paramount Network hit television series “Yellowstone” are anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite show.

The modern Western is likely to return to our screen this summer though an exact starting date is yet to be revealed. Many have pointed to the month of June as a potential return date but nothing is set in stone.

While waiting for the ever-popular Yellowstone to return, fans are flooding internet message board to pass the time. Sites like Reddit and other social media venues have become a hotbed for Yellowstone talk. Fans of the show love to speculate on how season four will play out upon its return.

Many message board perusers use previous seasons of Yellowstone to theorize what will take place in the fourth season. Other fans, however, think the future of Yellowstone Ranch can be found by comparing similar shows. The theory says some hit shows follow similar plot patterns, using different methods to arrive at similar destinations.

Yellowstone has been rather unpredictable through three seasons. The volatile nature of the show is a big reason for its success and robust fan base. There is no better example of the show’s unpredictable nature of the season three finale. In the episode, three protagonists, the Dutton family, come under attack from unknown assailants. The status of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton is unclear heading into the fourth season.

Yellowstone Fans See Similarities in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Recently, a Reddit user points out plot similarities between Yellowstone and another hit series — Sons of Anarchy.

“I’ve been watching Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy at the same time,” the poster says. “They seem very similar, like I can guess what’s going to happen because I’ve seen SOA. Has anyone else made that connection?”

Sons of Anarchy details the comings and goings of a motorcycle club. Much like Yellowstone ranchers, the club is unafraid of dirty work and shows a willingness to kill off their enemies. Both shows have a strong family acting as protagonists in the story. Much like Yellowstone, SOA isn’t afraid to shock its audience.

Another Reddit poster points out the two shows have several details in common. One of the biggest is Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan playing a character on Sons of Anarchy.

“The story of protecting the Dutton land is like protecting the motorcycle club,” the poster says. “The ranch hands reminds me of the guys in the motorcycle club. There are also the creators of Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan, who played Deputy Hale on SOA, and John Linson who was the executive producer on SOA.”

The two shows also share common directors, according to the Reddit user.

“I also noticed a couple of directors from SOA also directed episodes on Yellowstone, Guy Ferland and Stephen Kay,” the poster says.

Whether or not Yellowstone continues on a path similar to Sons of Anarchy remains to be seen. Either way, fans of the show can’t wait for the upcoming fourth season.