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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Case for Kayce Dutton Running the Ranch After John Dutton

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

After the cliffhanger in season three, we aren’t sure who is where or breathing or anything. But if things go back to normal, here is the case that Kayce Dutton will run the ranch after his father, John.

Kayce Dutton has both good and bad qualities to make him the leader of the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone. However, if John Dutton is finally over the constant attacks and enemies, could he pass down the Yellowstone to Kayce? We are going to break down the youngest Dutton’s best and worst qualities for him running the property.

Pros of Kayce Dutton Running the Ranch

First, we want to break down Kayce. We are vetting him like a job interview. His last name has a big pull for us. Kayce is part of the Dutton name, which is also a big factor for John. The massive ranch has been in the Dutton family for generations.

In addition, Lee is dead, Jamie isn’t technically part of the family and has pretty sketchy intentions, and Beth couldn’t care less about the ranch. In season one, she even makes a comment, “If he (John) died today, I would sell my share to the Four Seasons and swim laps in the pool without an ounce of remorse” or something like that. So, that leaves Kayce, and that brings us to our next point.

Kayce is currently the only Dutton with a child to pass down the legacy and the ranch too. Jamie allegedly knocked up his girlfriend and campaign manager, Christina. But again, Jamies is a wild card within the Dutton family at the moment. He also isn’t really a Dutton. Therefore all signs lead back to Kayce.

Our next point for Kayce to run the ranch stems from his old career in the military. He is a bad*ss that can hold his own. As a former Navy SEAL, he wouldn’t make our list of people we want to mess with. We didn’t see Kayce before, but we can only assume the military also straightened him out a bit. We think that’s why he is fair and honest and overall a good person. He doesn’t enjoy taking a life, but when it is necessary, he gets the job done.

Finally, Kayce Dutton is already following in his father’s footsteps. He is the Livestock Commissioner and has the respect of the other ranch owners after he helped a family keep their cattle.

Cons of the Youngest Family Member

As for the reasons Kayce shouldn’t get the ranch, there aren’t nearly as many, but they are significant. To start, Kayce moved away from the family and property. After John told him to leave, Kayce followed orders and moved to the reservation with Monica. Jamie and Lee say in the first season that they hadn’t seen their youngest brother in years. Red flag.

Next, Monica is constantly wavering about the ranch. Sometimes she likes it, and thinks it’s a good life for Tate, however, on occasion, she misses the reservation, and it’s culture. Monica also hates the person Kayce becomes when stepping foot on the Yellowstone ranch. On the contrary, is the ranch doing that to Kayce Dutton or his father?

Another point that should be made is Kayce’s personality. He often doesn’t think through situations fully and makes decisions with his heart and not his law-abiding head. With that being said, he has had numerous run-ins with the law. All the Dutton members have, but Kayce is usually at the forefront of the issues. John puts his dirty work on Rip, and Rip doesn’t exist in public records, so therefore those two men are clean. Beth and Jamie don’t break the law that much and usually finds loopholes to bend it in their favor.

We have said it before, but we will say it again. Kayce Dutton is not a bad person. He wants the best for people and tries to be good, but somehow it gets lost in translation. Could his caring heart be what’s getting him in trouble? Should he start looking away when people need him instead of acting? Should he be more tough love like his father, John?

When Walker wants to leave the ranch, Rip tells Kayce to take him to the infamous train station. Instead, Kayce lets him off with a warning and tells him to never return to the state of Montana. Long story short, Walker doesn’t leave and knows too many of the Dutton’s secrets. He must choose to stay at the Yellowstone ranch forever or take a train ride to the bottom of a cliff. But, again, it shows Kayce’s mercy could be the death of the Duttons.

In the end, Kayce has flaws, but who doesn’t. We think he would be a just and fair leader of the Yellowstone ranch. There isn’t a better person to take over the legacy, and we feel as though John is aware of that. Now we just have to see if John and Kayce survive their attacks.

Season four, where are you?!