‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Case for Why Jamie Dutton Isn’t Behind Season 3 Finale Attacks

by Thad Mitchell

The wait for a brand new season of hit Paramount Network show “Yellowstone” continues without a lot of available information.

Radio silence from the “Yellowstone” crew has not deterred fans of the show from getting excited for new episodes. In the absence of the modern western drama series, fans are dissecting every scrap of information they can find. A popular discussion point among the “Yellowstone” faithful is the entity behind the attacks on the Dutton family. Three members of the prominent Montana ranching family were ambushed by unknown assailants at the end of season three. Scanning internet message boards you will find tons of theories on just who carries out these attacks. That’s “Yellowstone” fans for you — if we can’t watch it then we’ll talk about it.

As soon as “Yellowstone” season three ends, many fingers pointed directly at Jamie Dutton as the man behind the attacks. Jamie is a prime suspect with plenty of motivation to turn on his adopted family. He rarely sees eye-to-eye with his father, John Dutton, on anything. His sister, Beth Dutton, hates his guts, holding a strong grudge stemming from an incident when they were much younger. Couple this with Jamie discovering his adoption and meeting his biological father, Garrett Randall, and you understand just why Jamie would want to murder his family.

But is Jamie actually behind the ambush of his adopted family? Some “Yellowstone” fans think the evidence doesn’t add up. In a recent Reddit thread, a fan theorizes that it isn’t Jamie behind the attacks.

“I don’t think Jamie did the hits,” the Reddit user suggests. “Doesn’t make sense why he would go after Kayce. “If he went after John or Beth he would most definitely try to get Rip. Especially when he was at ease and not knowing that his two beloved people were attacked.”

The poster makes a solid case to why Jamie might not be behind the attack as many suspect he is.

Though he has beef with John and Beth, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Kayce. The two brothers seemingly have a positive relationship — it might be Jamie’s only one inside his “Yellowstone” family. He also knows Kayce is a good father to young Tate Dutton, Jamie’s nephew.

The second point brought up by the poster also seems to hold water. It only makes sense that Jamie goes after Rip Wheeler if he did indeed plan the attack. Rip is the Dutton family enforcer and most think he will be out for blood in season four of “Yellowstone.”

Jamie is very intelligent and leaving a loose end like that doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Would you want Rip coming after you if you just tried to kill his future wife?

Beyond Jamie, there are other suspects in the Dutton family attack with strong motivations. The Market Equities team of Willa Hayes and Roarke Morris are certainly candidates. As are Chief Rainwater and his advisor Angela Blue Thunder.

There is a lot for us “Yellowstone” fans to be excited about with season four on the way.