‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Cassidy Reid Going to Return in Season 4?

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans never miss a loose thread. And they appear to have found another one in the form of Cassidy Reid (Kelly Rohrbach). Reid is the candidate for Montana Attorney General who Beth (Kelly Reilly) picked to run against Jamie (Wes Bentley).

Of course, as “Yellowstone” fans know, Jamie wound up as the AG by the end of Season 3, anyway. And Reid wound up taking a job in Washington, D.C.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed what happened to Reid. And they wondered whether her departure was tied to later problems for the Dutton family.  

Has ‘Yellowstone’ Seen the Last of Cassidy Reid?

“Does anyone know what happened to the new Attorney General that ran against Jaime? She just disappeared,” one fan asked, kicking off the thread.

Fellow “Yellowstone” fans quickly clued that person in, saying Reid left for a position in D.C. But then the discussion turned to who Jamie will have to face off against next.

“I wonder if she’ll (Cassidy Reid) come back,” another fan posted. “Or, maybe it was just another of Taylor Sheridan’s abandoned sub-plots. Or, perhaps there are more powerful forces at work behind the takedown of the Duttons and they needed her out of the way so they gave her a better job offer… which may or may not hurt the Duttons directly in the future.”

For fans of the show, it’s tough to imagine a more politically connected group than the Duttons. But perhaps shadowy political forces are at work against the Dutton family, and we’ll find out more about that in Season 4.

Bentley Says Fans Could Be In for More Surprises

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly last summer, Bentley suggested that series co-creator and writer Taylor Sheridan had wiped the slate clean at the end of Season 3 and left himself room to make a lot of changes.

“With Taylor, we’ll be on a path down one way and he’ll cut the branches on the side so we’re going to tumble down with him. I think big, big, dramatic things happen, violent things happen, and in a lot of ways it defines the show because that’s who gets the ultimate say,” Bentley said. “Outside of aliens landing, I don’t know where Taylor is going to go from here. He gave himself the ability to go from any angle now. To restart or refresh, he definitely has left himself an open door for a lot of options. I think that’s clever. He has a plan, so I think he was ahead of it. As an audience, it feels like the board got wiped and we can write some new things on that board.”

Could that mean Jamie hasn’t heard the last of Cassidy Reid? Maybe. That particular plot thread was resolved a bit too easily for the world of “Yellowstone,” where one character’s brief appearance can sometimes be a prelude to more significant developments later on.

Looks like “Yellowstone” fans will just have to wait for the Season 4 premiere this summer to find out what challenges Sheridan has in store for Jamie.