‘Yellowstone’ TV: Casting Taking Place for Extras in the Hit Series in Montana

by Thad Mitchell

While we anxiously await a brand new season of “Yellowstone,” producers have an eye on the modern western drama’s future.

“Yellowstone” officials recently put out a call for extras to join the cast for filming purposes next month. The Paramount Network series plans on filming a few scenes in Hamilton, Montana, in June. In the casting call, producers are looking to record a scene that has to be pushed back due to unexpected snowfall. Producers will also be filming a protest scene over the span of two days and are looking for extras to play various roles. Roles for extras include protestors, media members, FBI agents and police officers. A full list of requirements for “Yellowstone” can be found on the Yellowstone Extras Facebook page. Individuals applying for roles as extras will be subject to COVID-19 testing, the Facebook post notes.

“Yellowstone” fans find this call to be very interesting as it appears there will be a large protest scene. Filming for the fourth season of the hit show wrapped up earlier this year but, as it is with most shows, some additional scenes will need to be added. It will be interesting to see how this call for extras works into season four.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Wait For Official Start Date

We are still waiting on an official announcement as to when the new season of “Yellowstone” will begin. Showrunners say to expect a premiere in June and all signs point to a June 20 start date, but it hasn’t been made official yet. All three previous seasons of “Yellowstone” have begun on Father’s Day, which falls on June 20 this year. Some fans believe they have found confirmation of that premiere date by surfing local television listing. They also believe they have found the title of the new season’s first episode. Signs point to the season premiere episode to be titled “Aftermath.”

If the title of the first episode is called “Aftermath” it is most fitting given the events of the third season finale. “Yellowstone” threw viewers a curveball by leaving the fates of four primary characters up in the air. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton could all be dead or alive heading into a new season. The same can be said for Yellowstone Ranch hand Jimmy, who is last seen falling from a bucking horse.

With a new season now just weeks away, “Yellowstone” fans won’t have to wait much longer for answers.