‘Yellowstone’ TV Celebrates ‘International Women’s Day’ with Unforgettable Beth Dutton Scene

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Today (March 8) is “International Women’s Day” and to celebrate, Yellowstone is reminding viewers of the power their women possess.

There might be no one better to represent the toughness women possess in terms of TV characters than Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton. Actress Kelly Reilly plays the role to near perfection as the quick-witted and sharp-tongued first lady of Yellowstone Ranch. The show’s social media page put out one of Beth’s most notorious moments on the ranch in their clip.

“You’re stronger than all of them,” the Instagram post reads.

Yellowstone Creates Beth Dutton Clip for International Women’s Day

The infamous scene is a flashback featuring a young Beth Dutton getting a “pep talk” from her mother, Evelyn Dutton. Having just entered into womanhood, a young Beth soaks in a bubble bath as her mother bestows upon her an unforgettable lesson. Mother Dutton tells Beth that things are going to be much different now that she is becoming a woman.

“I am going to tell you something that my mother told me…and you’re not going to like,” Evelyn Dutton says. “Everything is different now. All those boys that you used to outrun and outwrestle…that’s all done. They’re going to look at you different and see you different. They are going to look at you as if you were less. You’re not though, you are stronger.”

The video clip also shows some of Beth’s best moments on the show and how her mother’s influence still remains with her. Evelyn tells her young daughter that she will have to be tough on her moving forward.

“I have to turn you into the man that most men will never be,” she says. “I am sorry in advance for doing it because you’re going to hate it, sweetheart. But I look back and I know my mother was right. It was the best gift she ever gave me and now I have to give it to you.”

Season three ends on a sour note for Beth as fans are left to wonder about her fate after a bomb detonates in her office. With season four only months away, Yellowstone watchers are hoping for a better outcome for Beth Dutton than where we left her.