‘Yellowstone’ TV Celebrates Rip Wheeler as the Hardest ‘Workin’ Man on the Dutton Ranch

by Leanne Stahulak

Paramount Network’s treating us to a “Yellowstone” marathon this Labor Day weekend, and we are not complaining.

Season 1 premiered yesterday on the Paramount Network cable channel, starting at 12 p.m. EST. Now, the network’s promoting Season 2, which runs today starting at noon. On Labor Day itself, the marathon will wrap up with a Season 3 rerun, right in time for the premiere of Season 4 just two months from now.

Fans have been counting down the days for the new season since Season 3 last aired in 2020. But the wait will definitely be worth it if the recent trailer is an indication.

To celebrate Labor Day and today’s Season 2 rerun, the official “Yellowstone” Twitter page put out a message featuring Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). The picture in the post shows a”Season 2 Rip” wielding a lasso on the Dutton Ranch. We know he’s more than capable with the rope in his hand.

“Season 2 Rip for the continuation of the Workin’ the Yellowstone Labor Day Marathon. Season 2 starts TODAY at 12 pm ET, only on @ParamountNet. #YellowstoneTV,” the show’s Twitter account captioned the post.

We know that Rip works harder than almost anyone out there on the Dutton Ranch. Not only does he lead the ranch hands and act as foreman, but Rip’s also unbelievably loyal to the Duttons. After John took him in when he was a kid, Rip continued to pay that kindness forward in service to the Duttons. And sometimes, that service came with some unsavory deeds that Rip wasn’t afraid to get done.

Not everyone’s willing to put in the time or effort to help out those who aren’t your flesh and blood. But the Duttons have always been like a family to Rip, making the jobs they asked him to do feel less like work.

So, it’s only fitting that “Yellowstone” honors our favorite ranch hand on this Labor Day Weekend.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Reportedly Starts With ‘Craziest 13.5 Minutes of TV’

We already knew “Yellowstone” Season 4 would be incredible. After all, it has tons of electrifying loose ends to tie up from Season 3 — John getting shot, Beth’s office exploding, Kayce in a gunfight. But this Reddit user claims the first 13.5 minutes of the Season 4 premiere will top that.

The Reddit user posted a quote from one of the editors for “Yellowstone” Season 4. The editor supposedly posted this to their Instagram page, “The first episode begins with probably the craziest 13.5 minutes of TV I’ve ever edited. Easily my favorite season so far. I hope you enjoy it.” The editor isn’t named, nor is the Instagram post.

But it wouldn’t surprise us to know that “Yellowstone” will start off with a bang this upcoming season. It is, after all, “Cable’s #1 show,” containing a fantastic storyline and cast of characters. We’ll see what our favorite ranchers get up to in the new season premiering on Nov. 7 on Paramount.