‘Yellowstone’ TV: Check Out Awesome Pic of the Dutton Ranch Posted on New Star Finn Little’s Social Media

by Jon D. B.

Ready for Yellowstone Season 4? Finn Little is! The young actor looks to be loving his time on Montana’s real-life Chief Joseph Ranch.

“Mum’s always watching. We’re a great team,” Finn Little posts to his official Instagram Wednesday. While it’s unclear exactly what the young man means… There is a peculiar-looking glob in the top left-hand corner of his photo. Perhaps that’s “Mum” as she watches his every move. Ho boy.

Regardless, Little’s shot is a view every Yellowstone fan dreams of. Within, we see the actor’s boots posted up as he relaxes into the grasses of Chief Joseph Ranch with the prominent iconic white barns in the background. Check the shot out for yourself below; another behind-the-scenes look at Season 4!

How’s that for a Humpday view? Imagine just kicking back and relaxing under the Montana sun as the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch beams right in view. An Outsider’s paradise, to be sure.

This is far from the first behind-the-scenes shot Finn Little has shared via his official Instagram, too. From the iconic ranch covered in a blanket of snow – to a glimpse of the Dutton’s jet black Yellowstone pickup trucks – Little is living the life and sharing it with followers.

‘Yellowstone’s Chief Joseph Ranch is ‘The Heart of the Show’

In many ways, Chief Joseph Ranch has taken on as much of a celebrity status as the actors themselves. In fact, fans recently found out how close the ranch is to major roads and towns – and are kind of freaking out over it.

But to Yellowstone set decorator Carla Curry, Chief Joseph is undeniably the “heart of the show.”

“The logs are real. The antiques are real. There’s not fake anything in here,” Curry explains in a Season 3 BTS featurette for Paramount. “We shoot it totally like a big ol’ feature film.”

Curry’s main goal was to give the Ranch “a feel of comfort” for the Duttons. “This is where they could go to feel the family. The home has become almost its own character,” she details. Through this, Curry says, the Ranch’s interior and exterior would provide the soul of Yellowstone.

As fans well know, Yellowstone centers around the Dutton’s homestead in Montana. Their Yellowstone, however, isn’t a historic ranch. It’s not an American institution, but rather a fictional allegory for many of our country’s largest, most successful ranching operations.

Instead, it is the real-life Chief Joseph Ranch that fills in for nearly every single Dutton-centric location.

Finn Little to Surprise Fans in Season 4

And as we see in Finn Little’s shot above, Chief Joseph’s large, stunning white barns give Yellowstone its iconic look. Show production then adds specific details to make the ranch their own for the show, with the most obvious example being the family’s ‘Y’ brand – a mixture of two separate historical brands – that is added to the largest white barn for Yellowstone.

We can’t wait to see what Finn Little brings to the table as Carter for Season 4, a youth reminiscent of a young Rip (Cole Hauser) whom the Duttons gave a home. He’s to be brought up on the ranch by Kelly Reilly’s beth Dutton – and it has our Outsider senses tingling!