‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Clue You Might’ve Missed Explaining the Time Between Seasons 2 and 3

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit series “Yellowstone” are a crafty bunch and not much gets past them when it comes to their show.

One point of contention among the show’s fans is the time jump, or lack thereof, between seasons two and three. It is often a subject of discussion among fans frequenting online discussion forums.

The timeline between the two seasons is up for debate as fans notice some discontinuity in the storyline. Recently on Reddit, a “Yellowstone” fan speculates on how much time actually passed between the second and third seasons. The theories come pouring in right after the original post goes live and there is plenty of interesting fodder for fans to indulge in.

“I just started season 3 but I’m trying to understand how much time is supposed to elapse between the seasons,” the Reddit user says. “Season 2 ended in the early fall, just as snows were approaching, then season 3 is clearly filmed in the late spring or early summer. That’s about 8 or 9 months.”

The fan then notes that the third season storyline picks up where the second season storyline ends. However, it’s clear there’s the obvious time jump.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Time Jump

“Yet in the story, not much time could have passed,” the fan continues. “The investigation into the livestock commission has just begun. Monica is still a newbie in the big ranch house. And Beth’s bruises are still only a couple of weeks old. Are we supposed to assume the long Montana winter never happened and season 3 just picked up where season 2 left off? Or did they really just not want to film any scenes in deep snow?”

It’s an interesting question, to say the least, and one only “Yellowstone” creators can truly answer. But, let’s see what a few other fans say.

“I think it’s supposed to pick up right after season two ends,” another Redditor suggests. “But I also think it’s probably because they didn’t want to shoot the entire show in Montana snowstorms.”

Avoiding the heavy snowfalls that plague Montana in the winter is probably the most believable answer. As one fan puts it — do we really want to see an episode where the characters are snowed in?

“I bet we are supposed to just suspend our disbelief,” another “Yellowstone” claims. “None of us would want an episode where Beth and Jamie are locked inside the cabin for a month, snowed in.”

A new season of “Yellowstone” is just around the corner and will arrive on November 7. Until then, you can use the time to catch up on the first three seasons with a marathon this weekend.