‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Clue You Missed Suggesting Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd is Jimmy’s Father

by Halle Ames

And on today’s episode of far-fetched Yellowstone theories, we have Forrie J. Smith, the actor behind Lloyd as Jimmy’s father.

Like we said, far-fetched. But hey, we will overanalyze it anyway.

However, eagle-eyed fans think their interactions could be the clue we’ve been missing.

Since the beginning of Jimmy’s time on the ranch, Lloyd has always taken care of him. Almost in a loving father sort of way. Call this a case where Lloyd is being a leader and taking the scared young cowboy under his wing, or more?

Reddit fans are convinced that Taylor Sheridan is once again going to throw us Yellowstone die-hards a massive curveball. The social media users aren’t budging on their theory that Forrie J. Smith, the actor who plays Lloyd, is actually Jimmy’s father.

We have a few questions.

One. Who is the man that begs John Dutton to give Jimmy a job? The man specifically calls Jimmy his grandson, which brings us to point number two.

Wouldn’t Lloyd be more concerned when Jimmy’s grandfather gets beat by Jimmy’s old druggie friends? Even if Lloyd gave Jimmy to Dirk (Jimmy’s grandfather), Lloyd would probably be concerned. Right?

Additionally, Lloyd and Dirk are kind of similar to the same age, which would be around a grandfather’s generation. Unless Lloyd is pulling another young buckle bunny who is willing to carry his child, then again, it’s a no from us.

And would Yellowstone throw another adoption story at us? Who is the mother? We have so many unanswered questions.

Yellowstone Reddit Is a Strange Place

This Reddit user is really grasping for straws with their theory, but hey, three attacks in a matter of ten minutes. Nothing is out of the question anymore.

“I think there is too much to learn about Jimmy for him to die. It’s clear his father is Lloyd, and they need to explore that more. Though I think they could explore that with Jimmy’s death. I suspect he’ll be wheelchair-bound, and the loyalty to the brand will be demonstrated to go both ways.”

Other fans think this line is another indication that our wise cowboy is actually a baby daddy casanova.

“You gotta go back and watch their interactions! That’s my theory!! I think there’s a line where they say ‘could be someone’s son on the ranch.'”

Although we don’t know much about Lloyd’s past or his early Yellowstone days, don’t you think he would have been the one to ask Rip to bring him to the ranch to be closer to his son?

This user feels as though Yellowstone’s Lloyd could just have a soft spot for the helpless young boy.

“The reason why Lloyd looks out for him is because not only is Jimmy the youngest and most inexperienced branded man in the Bunk House, but it seems to be a common thing for him since he did the same for Rip when he first came in. Hell, he practically arm choked a man for picking a fight with the poor kid. So, in general, Lloyd just seems to have a soft spot for the new additions to the Bunk House.”

Besides, you think Jimmy and his father, Lloyd, would go on double dates together with some buckle bunnies.

Buck no.

At this point, we are just waiting to see if Jimmy recovers from his devastating fall in the Yellowstone season three finale. Season four premieres some times this summer.

Hold your loved ones tight. You never know who is actually your friend or your parent. Well, maybe you do.