‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Clue Pointing to Thomas Rainwater Taking Over Ranch From Kevin Costner’s John Dutton

by Halle Ames

One Yellowstone character dropped a serious hint as to the fate of the ranch. Does it stay with John Dutton and his family, or does Thomas Rainwater finally move in?

Thomas Rainwater has never been shy about his strong desire for the massive Yellowstone ranch. In all three seasons, the Reservation leader has tried teaming up and been solo in his efforts to take down John Dutton. He has yet to be successful.

In the most recent season, Rainwater and Dutton have to call a temporary ceasefire to battle Market Equities, who hopes to take their land and destroy it with an airport.

One thing that John Dutton and Thomas Rainwater can agree on is that they respect the land. The largest estate in Montana should be preserved and not tarnished with tourists or towns.

But since the attack on John, the battle against Market Equities may rest on the shoulders of Thomas Rainwater, who has put together his own bad*ss team. Could Rainwater see the opportunity to strike while John and his children are down?

Jamie, Montana’s Attorney General, has separated himself from John and the rest of the Duttons. The rest of the children and John, himself all have their fates hang in the balance currently.

Thomas Rainwater has the healthy upper hand. But if something were to happen to the Duttons, who’s to say the government or family would just hand over the estate to the reservation?

Jefferson White Notes Thomas Rainwater’s Army

When touching on the series, Jefferson White, the actor who plays Jimmy, may give a hint as to what will happen.

“There are these incredible parallel stories happening with John and the Duttons and then Rainwater and the sort of army that he’s assembling to fight his version of this war. Right now, John Dutton and Rainwater, they both respect the land. They value the land. They have different ideas of what we should do with it or how it should be divvied up, but they have a respect for it which is not met by these private equity firms and by the goals of these companies.”

Thomas Rainwater has also assembled a small army, filled with his protector, Mo, and scheming lawyer, Angela Blue Thunder.

Who are you betting on in a fight? Rainwater, Mo, and Blue Thunder or John, Rip, and Beth? It’s a hard choice.

Jefferson White continues, explaining the firepower behind Thomas Rainwater.

“Like Rainwater has his Rip (Cole Hauser) in Mo (Mo Brings Plenty), who is a f*cking incredible actor. (Mo) is every bit as frightening and loyal and competent and powerful as Rip. If Rip’s the strong silent type, Mo’s the maybe even stronger more silent type. He’s an incredible soldier, and also this season, Rainwater brings in his Beth, his legal mind, Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher), who’s every bit as tenacious as Beth is.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see once season four of Yellowstone is released in June. The countdown has begun.