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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Clues You Missed About Why John Dutton Might’ve Survived Season 3 Finale

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

The Dutton family is under attack in the season 3 finale. John Dutton, along with two out of three of his children, is targeted by an enemy that has yet to claim responsibility that left fans hanging in the balance as the season wraps up.

The attacks are on Kayce, who come under gunfire but quickly thinks and take cover by flipping over his desk at the Livestock Commissioner office. Then an explosive gets delivered to Beth’s office and her assistant opens the box before Beth can complete her warning.

And then there’s John Dutton. He’s helping a woman and her son change a tire on the side of the road. The son goes to look for a tool in the grass as a van pulls up to John. The men in the van ask if he is John Dutton. After John answers that he is in fact the man that the masked men are looking for, they begin to fire bullets at John and the mother.

She dies but John is somehow able to prop himself up to try and process the events. As he’s catching his breath and bleeding from his wounds, fans are left wondering if this main character is going to make it.

Then something happens that maybe some viewers overlooked.

What Could’ve Saved John Dutton’s Life?

Avid watchers of the hit series are sharing some clues in a Reddit chat thread. They’re analyzing everything from the color of the trees to something that might save John Dutton’s life.

“John was wearing a vest. I don’t understand how nobody has noticed the fact none of the bullet holes in his torso drew blood. He was only bleeding from his arm,” writes one person in the chat forum.

While that’s true, John does usually wear a vest, but the vest is not bulletproof. Not this one in the ending scene. Another fan offers up an interesting thought.

“John will be saved by the kid on the side of the road somehow. New Rip anyone?” one user writes. This clue might not be as obvious as to what happens as soon as John is able to pull himself to a sitting position after getting shot.

John Dutton pulls out his cell phone from his vest pocket and tries to make a call for help. However, the thing that he despises is the thing that potentially saves his life. Fans will just have to wait and see, that if in fact, it is John’s cellular device that absorbs the bullet and ultimately saves his life.

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