‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Colby’ Actor Denim Richards Opens Up On Relationship with Teeter, ‘It Was Beautiful’

by Jon D. B.

For Yellowstone‘s Denim Richards, it has been “really freeing and awesome” to be on the other side of Jen Landon’s dynamite Teeter. Delve deep into their brilliantly unorthodox relationship with the Colby actor himself, courtesy of Yellowstone‘s latest montage.

Teeter’s instantly-iconic status is entirely due to actor Jen Landon’s bombastic yet complex portrayal of this fascinating woman. Pair her with Denim Richards’ straight-edged Colby and, well, you’ve got a recipe for “the unexpected relationship that we can’t live without.”

“Teeter is a character you just can’t prepare for,” Richards starts in Yellowstone‘s montage baring the above as caption. To be fair, Mr. Richards, no one could prepare for the bombshell that is Teeter.

“There’s a lot of guys in that bunkhouse, and I knew immediately she was going to be obsessed with Colby,” Teeter’s Jen Landon adds of their dynamic. “She thinks he’s the most attractive guy she’s ever seen.”

Yet as Jimmy Hurdstrom notes in the montage below, Colby’s a true romantic. As such, he has no idea how to handle a firecracker like Teeter.

“It was really beautiful to kind of watch that marinate and then come to fruition at the end…”

“Colby does fight against it in the beginning,” Richards says of his character’s end of the relationship. “And then at a certain point, you’re like ‘okay, clearly everybody in this bunkhouse is going to make sure that it’s her and I doing all these activities together,” he smiles. “I might as well try to know a little bit about her…”

And get to know her Colby does. As hard as he fights it throughout Season 3, it becomes apparent that Teeter begins to “grow on” Colby, as fellow ranch hand Ryan states in the Yellowstone footage below.

“It seems like Teeter’s character, the way that she is like ‘I’ve been here, done that, seen all of it, look guys, this is the way it is, just deal with it’ – It is really, really freeing and awesome to be able to be on the other side of that, and also see that play out,” Richards continues of how Colby sees Teeter.

“I think having something to fight for was also a way that Teeter and I were able to kind of get closer together,” he adds. “Obviously we have this major traumatic event happen. And you start to see that the feelings and the comradery start to come together… It was really beautiful to kind of watch that marinate and then come to fruition at the end.”

‘Yellowstone’s Colby & Teeter: TOUGH LOVE

What a pairing. Colby and Teeter have far from a typical relationship, and it sounds like Richards and Landon have enjoyed it as much as fans.

Said Yellowstone fans, however, are certain that their long-awaited kiss seals a relationship between straight-edged Colby and rough-riding Teeter. But do the actors see it the same way? Denim Richards, for one, doesn’t. Or at least, it’s not that simple in his portrayal of Colby. In his mind, what could possibly keep these two potential lovers apart? Richards recently spilled the beans on just that, and we covered it right here on Outsider.com.

Either way, it’s anyone’s guess where these two end up in Yellowstone Season 4. And we can’t wait to find out.