‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Colby’ Actor Denim Richards Reveals 5 Things About Co-Star Jefferson White

by Atlanta Northcutt

If you don’t love Jimmy on the Paramount TV show Yellowstone then do you even have human emotions?

All About Yellowstone’s Jimmy

The sweet-natured and timid young man doesn’t seem like your typical ranch hand. He is quiet and unsure of himself. But although he isn’t similar to the other Bunkhouse men when it comes to his size and demeanor, Jimmy pulls his weight with humble gratitude.

Jimmy works as hard as he can since he sees his fellow ranch hands as his family. After suffering years of abuse and neglect at the hands of his own family, it appears the light had been beaten out of his innocent eyes. That is until he found his true family at the Dutton Ranch.

The character development of Jimmy on Yellowstone is one of the most touching themes and develops into a heartfelt storyline of his growth into the person he’s always been, but needed loving encouragement to see in himself.

Jefferson White is a Real-Life Version of Jimmy

Jefferson White flawlessly captures the role of Jimmy. There’s a natural kindness and innocence the actor radiates while lending his talented acting skills to be the face and voice of such a special character.

During a video tour of the Dutton Ranch Bunkhouse set, Jefferson White walks around to all of the cast-mates giving compliments and telling detailed information about his co-workers and friends. He talks about the filming process, props, and set designs.

“All my friends in one place. How lucky we are,” says Jefferson while touring the Bunkhouse set. White doesn’t have one negative word to say about any of the people he works with. The joy he feels from his job is evident in his speech and actions. He genuinely portrays the kindness of Jimmy without even meaning to.

White’s co-stars couldn’t agree more as they praise his talents on both the production set and in the real world.

Actor Denim Richards Brags on His Co-Star

Denim Richards plays another Bunkhouse member on the Dutton Ranch. His character is named Colby, and he shares the same form of kindness that Jimmy radiates.

Here are five things that Richards has to say about his co-star Jefferson White.

Since White is such a sweet-natured man, it’s not surprising to learn he is an animal-lover. One special breed has his heart.

“He loves pugs to the point that if we see a pug on the street while we’re driving, we must pull over and greet this pug in person,” says Richards. “It’s ridiculous.”

White is a coffee connoisseur, with a love of cold brews, in particular.

“Every single morning it’s his ritual to wake up, and go to a coffee shop, and do edits on all of his friends’ comedy stuff,” says Richards. “He gives a lot to a lot of productions of his friends because his biggest thing is making sure that his friends feel empowered.”

Denim Richards can’t stop bragging on the goodness of Jefferson White as he says, “Everything that he does comes from a place of wanting to make people laugh.”

Richards ends his praise by adding, “And so you cannot beat that.”

It’s nice to know that the actor behind the lovable Jimmy is just as lovable in real life. Although that fact isn’t too surprising. Here’s to Jefferson White for being an outstanding human being.