‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Cole Hauser Accidentally Give Away Major Rip & Beth Season 4 Storyline?

by Thad Mitchell

As we patiently, or impatiently for some, wait for new episodes of Yellowstone, fans are scrambling for clues regarding the new season.

Details regarding season four storylines are scarce, to say the least. We still don’t even know when the upcoming season will begin. We have yet to see a season four trailer, promotional pieces or first-look photos. If keeping fans in the dark regarding the fourth season is the unorthodox marketing ploy — then well done, Yellowstone. Creator Taylor Sheridan and his team have done an excellent job of preventing information leaks regarding season four. We believe the new season will premiere next month but beyond that — we don’t much of anything.

The lack of information has Yellowstone fans in a tizzy as we search for any and all clues about the upcoming season. Some Yellowstone loyalists believe a recent interview with actor Cole Hauser may have dropped a hint. Hauser plays the rough and tough cowboy Rip Wheeler on the show. He and love interest Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, plan to tie the knot in the future but a huge wrench was thrown into that plan. After a bomb explodes in her office, Beth could be dead, alive or gravely injured heading into season four. Fans believe Hauser may have unintentionally offered a clue regarding the future of Yellowstone’s top couple. Hauser made the comments in a recent interview with Deadline.

“As far as Rip’s concerned, that was his first and his only love from when he was 15 years old,” the Yellowstone star says. “I think time stopped for him and he realized how really special she was and how she could give to his life, and teach him things that he needs to go through as far as being a young man. And also, the fact that he has lost her a lot as well over time. I love what Taylor did in the beginning. He kinda made it a slow burn for us, and it has taken four years now for us to really investigate their relationship, and who they are as people, and how their hearts beat. And it has been a pleasure, obviously, to do that with Kelly.”

It is interesting that Hauser says it has taken “four years” to hash out the relationship between Rip and Beth. Yellowstone has been on air for three seasons and some say thing Hauser is inferring that Beth is indeed alive. It can also be surmised from the comments that the relationship between the two will continue in season four.

It’s possibly good news for Yellowstone fans as most of want to see Rip and Beth continue on together.

We will continue to wait for more information on Yellowstone’s upcoming season with a high level of anticipation. Hang in there Yellowstone fans — we are almost there.