‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Childhood Dream of Being an ‘Action Hero’ Came True With Rip Wheeler and ‘Pitch Black’ Roles

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser always knew he had what it takes to become and “action hero” and now he is.

Starring alongside Vin Diesel, Hauser got his first crack at playing an action hero in the 2000 film “Pitch Black.” The role required him to learn various weaponry as well as combat techniques. It is safe to say his role in “Pitch Black” left an indelible mark on Hauser’s career.

“Learning to use all of those weapons and looking like a professional mercenary,” he says. “It’s always fun to play someone like an action hero that you always wanted to play as a child. I think every young boy loves that as a kid.”

Now, Hauser is playing another character that closely resembles an action hero in Yellowstone’s Rip Wheeler.

In the Modern Western drama, Hauser is one of the breakaway stars playing the rough and tough cowboy Rip Wheeler. Rip is arguably the most popular character on the show and a total bad a** who takes on all challengers.

Typically decked out in all black, Rip serves as a hand and foreman on Yellowstone Ranch. While he is excellent at his job on the ranch, it is his unofficial title that makes him a likable character. He serves as the muscle behind the Duttons, a powerful Montana ranching family. Extremely loyal to the family, Rip is more than willing to serve as their enforcer and get his hands dirty. On more than a couple of occasions, Rip has shown he will do whatever it takes to keep the Duttons and Yellowstone Ranch safe.

Yellowstone is Safe Under Watch of Rip Wheeler

The brute wins almost every fight he enters, including taking out an entire biker gang with only a branding iron. The biker fight is one of the most unforgettable scenes of the entire series.

While Rip is a modern-day action hero, Hauser also does a great job giving us bits and pieces of the cowboy’s softer side.

At the request of John Dutton, Rip intentionally loses a fight to John’s son, Kayce Dutton in season two. Though the two have fought before, typically with Rip coming out on top, this fight was different.

John asks Rip to take a dive in order to establish Kayce’s credibility as ranch foreman. The scene shows Rip’s immense loyalty to John and dedication to Yellowstone Ranch. It is also one of the show’s best overall scenes. Relive that unforgettable scene below:

With season four quickly approaching, Yellowstone fans hope to see more of Rip kicking some tail.