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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Drops Adorable ‘Family Time’ Photo of Daughter Steely Rose

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Cole Hauser just shared an adorable photo of his young Daughter, Steely Rose. Hauser plays Rip Wheeler on the hit western, Yellowstone. He has three kids, with little Steely Rose being his youngest. It’s a cute photo from the actor, as fans await Yellowstone’s highly anticipated season four.

Cole Hauser has said that when he’s not filming, he tries to spend as much time with his kids as possible. The actor has previously told the Havok Journal that work and family are his two biggest passions. Juggling those two things can be difficult, but he seems to make it work all while playing one of the most loved characters on TV.

It’s clear that Hauser spends a lot of time with family. This is far from the first photo he’s posted while spending time with his kids. These photos include lots of time outdoors with the entire family, dogs, and all. Other photos with his family also include outdoor outings involving fishing and camping.

It seems like when he’s not with his family, he’s on a set somewhere. On top of Yellowstone, Cole Hauser has played roles in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Rogue, Act of Violence, and A Good Day to Die Hard. However, his role as Rip has a special place in the hearts of fans.

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler

Cole Hauser almost wasn’t cast as Rip Wheeler. The Yellowstone actor originally had his eyes on playing one of the Dutton Sons. It’s strange to imagine now, considering Rip Wheeler’s immense popularity. Cole Hauser’s outstanding performance as Rip likely contributes to why the complex character is so well received.

Rip is a fiercely loyal rough and tumble cowboy who does everything he can to protect the Dutton family. With an on-again/off-again romance with Beth Dutton, and complex emotions and motivations, Rip isn’t necessarily an easy role. Hauser tackles the challenge in a way that makes Rip Wheeler one of the backbones of the entire show.

Many are waiting in anticipation for season four. There’s a huge question of whether or not Rip’s love interest, Beth Dutton, will survive the bombing that left fans speechless. No matter what happens, there’s going to be a lot for Rip Wheeler to do next season. In the meantime, Hauser can spend more time with his kids.