‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Explains Who’s the Least Like Their Character on the Show

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

For Yellowstone audiences, this question may seem a tough nut to crack. But Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser has his answer straight away.

Well after Season 3 rocked cable television, Cole Hauser found the time to sit down with Kathryn Hall of Hall Wines for a thirty-minute chat on all things Yellowstone. Through fan inquiries and her own thoughtful questions, Hall was able to pull quite a bit out of the stalwart actor. Including, as we’ll find out, who he feels is absolutely the most different from their on-screen character in the Paramount Network showstopper.

As familiar as audiences are with Kevin Costner, pegging the icon as vastly different from rough patriarch John Dutton doesn’t feel a stretch. In turn, neither does the notion that Wes Bentley can’t be nearly as slippery as Jamie Dutton off-screen.

“Oh God,” Hauser braces for the question. But without much hesitation, he’s able to offer up a decisive answer. And it is neither of the above.

“I would say Kelly Reilly,” he offers confidently. “She’s English! Not from America, so that would be number one.”

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“Number two: she’s a very amazing, sensitive soul,” Hauser continues of his beloved co-star. “She can be tough, but she’s not anything like Beth.”

For the Yellowstone actors in general, the level of authenticity their performances lend to the show have most fans thinking each actor is walking around as their character, more or less, in the real world. This is certainly not true. But for Kelly Reilly in particular, Cole Hauser says nothing could be further from the truth.

“I think the general consensus out there is that, you know, for her to be as talented as she is on the show – that she must be that way. And she’s not! She’s just a phenomenal actress,” he offers of Reilly.

Hauser does say, however, that audiences do see a bit of Reilly within Beth. “The kind of quiet moments that we have on the show… That’s really who Kelly is,” he continues.

In the end, Hauser is beyond confident with this answer. “I would say it would be her,” he concludes with a heartfelt nod.

“What a beautiful answer,” Hall replies, almost mesmerized with Hauser’s heartfelt tribute to Reilly.

Yet the material these two phenomenal actors share within Yellowstone makes it near-impossible for their real-life souls not to experience such bonding.

Make no mistake – both Reilly and Hauser are very happily married in real life. But from Cole’s answer alone it is clear that a deep friendship – one built on respect, admiration, and trust – exists between the two. Knowing this, too, makes their work as Rip and Beth all the more fantastic. Here’s to more of it come Fall 2021 with Yellowstone Season 4.